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How to Setup a Gaming Company From an Idea to the First Employee


Flurin Jenal (Struckd AG)
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This is the story how we started as game developers after our studies with lots of ideas but no clear strategy to make a living out of our own games. After having side jobs and looking for the right opportunities in this highly competitive market we where able to find a starting point and to found a company. Now we hired our very first employees. We want to show you which actions helped us the most to find our path in this crucial phase. You will discover our product, business model and our entrepreneural mindset.
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Game developers in an early stage, thinking about starting a business and make a living of game creation. Setting up a solid business model out of a game idea is a hard process. But the reward will be the possibility to quit your side jobs and fully work on your passion: Games. With the entrepreneural DNA and a few clever moves it can be achieved. This talk is for those who want to hear our story and to accomplish the same goal.

You hear the story how we created a gaming company, starting with one idea and then being able to make a living out of our own games!

We can give insights, tipps and the right mindset for that. We are convinced that this very early stage is the hardest phase which takes the most patience to not quit.

In the end it's the one story how we did it and if anyone wants to take another path we still can give you some inspiration!

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