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How Making Jokes Taught Me to Make Interesting Puzzles


Kristian Hedeholm (Tryhart)
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After joining the Tryhart team, I started working on our first game Baby the Knife, which is a puzzle-platformer. Doing the development of the game, I have found out that using the same structures stand-up comedians use for writing jokes, can be used to create and design interesting puzzles. In this talk, I will demonstrate these structures of joke writing, and use them to create a tool for puzzle designers to design interesting puzzles.
Audience adressed: 
Everyone interested in making interesting puzzles

Attendees will walk away with a new tool in their designer toolbox to design interesting puzzles. With specific detailed examples as a guide they will have the knowledge to use this new tool to their own work.

Session Type: 
Game Design
Experience level adressed: 

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