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How to Level Up Your Company Design Department


Lukasz Hacura (Anshar Studios)
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In a small company, especially when you are indie, located in the middle of nowhere, and your core team lacks certain skillset it’s very hard to fill the gap without hiring somebody experienced on site which is often not an option. My company was in such a situation regarding video game design and I wish to share how we handled this particular situation and how my team was able to grow rapidly in skill without spending too much money and without expanding the team.
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Company owners, indie developers, game designers and management roles in game design department. Other specialties can certainly takeaway many things, but all solutions shown where used for game design.

Attendee will have list of cost effective techniques to level up a company design department without resorting to obvious option of hiring great experienced people, full time, on site, which is usually very hard, especially for a small company.

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