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How to Build up a Supportive Community Around Your Game


Philomena Schwab (Stray Fawn Studio)
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Countless games are created every day by independent game developers. Most of them will fade and be forgotten, not due to a lack of quality but a lack of visibility. Building a community around your game in development is an excellent way to connect with people early on. Having a loyal fan base is not only beneficial for the financial success of the game, but provides the developer with constant feedback and can serve as a great motivator to push through the tough times of development. This talk in based upon the experience I made with our game „Niche - a genetics survival game“. Topics include exhibitions, crowdfunding, indiedev collectives and Steam Early Access.
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Indie game developers from beginner to expert.

The audience will see what a big difference even a small bunch of loyal followers and supporters can make when it comes to visibility. I hope to encourage the audience to start building a community around their game right away.

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