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The History of Video Game Development (1985-2017)


Glen Schofield (Sledgehammer Games)
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Wild stories, a bit of time traveling, and a healthy dose of video game history make up Glen Schofield’s behind-the-scenes retelling of his 30+ years in the game development industry. Schofield will take the audience on a visual journey through the key milestones and achievements of the modern games industry from 1985 to the present. He’ll share his views on the impact that console releases from Sega, Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox had on games, as well as the emergence of new game design technology, from 2D to 3D gaming. Personal anecdotes add color and vibrancy to the presentation, as Schofield guides the Quo Vadis audience through major moments in the industry and describe many of the unique learning experiences that have helped shape his career.
Audience adressed: 
Game Designers & people interested in game design or the history thereof.

From Blondie to Sean Connery, Schofield’s presentation will be a fun, entertaining way for the audience to learn about the gaming industry from a developer and get an inside look at the challenges and incredible key learnings one encounters when developing a video game. Schofield’s main takeaway is that game developers have been revisiting and revolutionizing the way they create video game experiences for decades. If you create dynamic teams, keep an open mind, and always look forward, there is no limit to where your imagination can take you.

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Game Design
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