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Fun as a Service: Lessons from the Mobile Game Ecosystem


Guy Ulmer (GameIS)
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The mobile ecosystem is dominated by freemium games that adopted a game-as-a-service approach, and the successful games carry on for years with a dedicated player base that keeps coming back for more. In these games, installing the game is only the beginning of a (hopefully) long term romance with the player, and in order to be succesful you must learn what your customers like and what they don't, what they crave for and what they ignore. And in order to do that you must track anything, analyze everything, and end up with relevant and actionable insights on how players interact with your game. What can we learn from the numerous success stories, and what will also be relevant to the traditional PC and console premium market? In this talk we will review some of the techniques and approaches that successful freemium studios have been taking in order to keep the players engaged and entertained in the long term.
Audience adressed: 
Game designers and developers, marketing managers and studio leads.

Attendees are expected to leave with a better understanding on how analytics can impact everything (from game design, through marketing, to business planning), and to have a better understanding of the "game as a service" model. The audience will be encouraged to incorporate some of the suggested techniques in their present and future games.

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Game Design
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