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Extreme Balancing: Balancing Game Mechanics by Considering Extreme Game Situations


Daniel Dumont (Gaming Minds Studios GmbH)
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While balancing game mechanics it can be hard for game designers to imagine the situations they have to balance, especially if there are apparently to much parameters and too various situations. In my lecture, I will illustrate with definitions and examples why considering just the special situation is fully enough to balance a game. Features are often designed in the straight way: designing, implementing, testing and tweaking, until the feature meets its requirements. I will present a reverse approach with many examples: focus on the most important (extreme) situation and design to meet this extreme requirements. In the 2. step, tweak it for "normal" situations looking fine. All examples are from our own developments, many of them from our current "Railway Empire".
Audience adressed: 
Game Designers working on game mechanics and writing concepts with the need of finding the proper approach for designing their mechanics.

A deeper insight on the meaning of balancing. Understanding the link between all parameters and mechanics within a balanced feature will enable to design with reverse approaches.

Session Type: 
Game Design
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