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The Evolution of Game Design and Development Over the Years


Jon Hare (Tower Studios Ltd)
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Jon Hare looks back over his 30 years career in game design and development to analyse how approaches to game development and design have constantly been evoloving from ZX81 to HTC Vive and how the ability to adapt to the demands of the current market is a critical skill on a career in game development and design.
Audience adressed: 
All games developers, publishers and gamers. Particularly interesting to designers and people running games studios.

The games industry is constantly changing, if we don't adapt we will die. Technology changes, monetization changes, audience chnages and cultural changes bring us challenges that can either trip us up or inspire us to great new things.
A solid grounding in your chosen skill, programing, design, art, sound or production is the key to surviving the natural evolution of the industry

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Game Design
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