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From Engine to Game - Shaping Our Unity Toy Box


David Kuri (Three Eyed Games / Volkswagen AG)
Florian Uhde (Volkswagen AG / Three Eyed Games)
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Since its creation, Unity strived to make game developers' lives easier. The current state of the engine enables you to push out small prototypes within hours, and work towards complex titles with a team. There are some limits though, as we found out during the development of Three Eyed Games' first title SWARMED. This session is about pitfalls and limitations we found and how we broke and rearranged the Unity toolbox to fit our needs. Expect workflows, tooling and graphical magic.
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Producers & Technical Artists who want to improve workflows for the team Developers with Unity experience Graphics & Optimization freaks

Ideas to improve workflow in Unity
Inspiration for better coding
Fancy graphics that you might wanna try in your game

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