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The Disruptive Potential of Applied Interactive Technologies (APITs)


Martin Steinicke (University of Applied Sciences HTW Berlin, Creative Media Group)
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The games industry has ever been a driver of innovation. But applying today’s game hard- & software technologies holds a huge potential for classical industries & businesses. Concurrently a glut of new games, growing steam libraries, keyselling & increasing Costs per Install make for dark clouds at the horizon of game studios. APITs might be the salvation to both classical businesses (innovation) & game companies (second source of income). But how to start and where to meet? Come in and find out!
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Game developers and game hardware/software/middleware technology providers that want to explore new markets and see their technologies revolutionize every day as well as professional contexts. Virtual Reality for product design or real estate marketing, Augmented Reality in logistics or clinical applications, game engines for process planning or employee training, motion controllers and sensors for unmanned vehicles and robots in the factory (IoT/4.0), cloth and hair simulation for the smart mirror, … – the market is huge and waiting.

The takeaway will be – depending on interest and current focus of individual participants – one or all of the following:

Wakeup call: There is a need/demand for my expertise and the game technologies I use or even develop.
Definition, examples/best-cases and future potentials: Oh this is interesting, couldn´t we use our X for Y?
Innovation barriers: Ah, we need to be prepared especially for point Z.
Offer to aid: I wasn´t sure how to start this, but this may work out well.

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