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Developing a AAA Game with 30 People


Christopher Schmitz (Square Enix IO-Interactive)
Kalvin Lyle (Square Enix IO-Interactive)
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Over the last decade AAA game development has evolved into media productions of significant size, budget and risks. Large teams all over the planet are competing for shipping the best-in-class gaming experience boasting extremely high level of production values. To achieve this goal team sizes and budgets are nowadays sky rocketing and it is becoming more and more challenging to assemble teams in just one primary location in order to execute on the vision. Modern game development is therefore more and more adopting the concept of distributed development utilizing resources from all of the world to bring the best talent together and to satisfy the ever growing needs of sheer development firepower and talent. Presented by BIU.Dev
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Anybody interested in production of games and distributed development.

Kalvin and Christopher will share insights about how they tackled this problem at Square Enix IOI and what they learned in the development of Hitman.

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