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Designing Your Game Against All Odds


Dominik Gotojuch (Robot Gentleman)
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What do you do when your game concept gets demolished by fellow designers? Panic and accept their insight or stick to your original thought? What's better for your title and how much are you willing to give up? Experimental design ideas for 60 Seconds! made it stand out, but most of them were panned by our peers before the game's successful release. We want to share our experience in balancing internal and external feedback to create best games without compromising their vision.
Audience adressed: 
Target audience will include designers of varying experience and developers interested in design.

The audience will find out about our team's struggle to balance feedback with our own design ideas and convictions, which often contradicted each other. We will present our line of thought, issues with confidence and solutions to determining what's best for our games, based on the example of 60 Seconds!. Lessons learned and applied to the benefit of our next project will be outlined.

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Game Design
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