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Designing Games for The World after Playing Games from the World


Johanna Pirker (Graz University of Technology)
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I always played a lot of games and always knew all the new major titles. But I recognised a major blindspot: the titles were all developed by the same studios in the same countries and telling similar stories. So I've decided to change my way of playing games and started to look for games from all over the world: In one year I wanted to play as many games developed from different countries as possible by recommendation of people living in those countries. But instead of finding major AAA-titles, I found diversity. In this talk I'll talk about my experiences playing games from all different countries, genres, and backgrounds, and will also talk about stories trying to find these games and how I've learned to play and design games for cultural diversity.
Audience adressed: 
As an inspirational talk, this talk should is attended to a broad audience, with a focus also on game designers

The main take-away should be an inspiration about playing different games with different backgrounds, genres, and from different developers. Additionally, attendees will gain an understanding how to design games with focus on cultural diversity. Additionally, attendees will hear the stories how game development scenes influences the game development culture in different countries

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Game Design
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