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Deep Learning as a Game Changer - Opportunities and Applications


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Deep Learning is currently emerging as one of the most powerful techniques of Artificial Intelligence. Related startups have been bought for hundreds of millions of dollars. The hype around Deep Learning bases on the fact that it can be applied to different businesses – one of them being the games industry. Creating stronger AI opponents, evaluating player feedback automatically and replacing A/B testing by a learning system tailored to each individual user are just a few possible use cases.
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Decision Makers, Game Designers and anyone else interested in the potential of new technologies (=Deep Learning) to increase player happiness, retention and improve monetarization.

Deep Learning can be useful in multiple regards:
- To provide your games with a better AI that will provide a longer lasting challenge to your players.
- To evaluate written player feedback automatically in near-real-time, allowing you to get a heartbeat of customer satisfaction
- To monetarize your games better beyond classic approaches like A/B testing

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2016-04-20 11:00
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