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Deep Learning – Transforming how we look at photographs


Ralph Hinsche (Nvidia)
Ramzi Rizk (EyeEm)
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GPUs, or Graphical Processing Units, are driving the industry adoption of deep learning. GPUs perform several calculations at once—or in parallel, making them ideal for training deep learning neural networks. EyeEm is a photography community and marketplace that offers over 15 million photographers a place to improve their skills, explore a world of beautiful photos, and earn money through licensing their images. Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, EyeEm Vision is EyeEm's proprietary framework for automatically categorizing and ranking photos based on their content and aesthetics. In this presentation, EyeEm's Co-Founder and CTO Ramzi Rizk (or Appu Shaji, Head of Research and Development) and NVIDIA's Business Development Manager Ralph Hinsche will discuss how EyeEm Vision, with the help of GPUs, transforms the way image keywording and categorization works, and sorts photos based on aesthetic qualities - transforming how we see photographs.
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Code / Platforms / Tools
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2016-04-19 14:00
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