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Day 3 Wrap-Up: The Grand Finale

That's it. QUO VADIS 2016 has closed the doors. All talks held, all questions asked, all meetings done, all parties held. Some guests have already left Berlin, while others stay for Womenize!, AMAZE, Game Fest, Making Games Talents or one of the other great events that are part of International Games Week.

As always, here's a short summary of what happened at QUO VADIS yesterday!


Session Highlights

Karoliina Korppoo did a thorough and honest post mortem of Collossal Order's smash hit "Cities: Skylines", which she accounts for as Lead Designer. Luc Baghadoust and Raoul Barbet of Dontnod led their entranced audience through the development of their acclaimed graphic adventure "Life is Strange".

Matt Firor of Zenimax Online shared his industry veteran view with a "talk from the trenches". Piotr Iwanicki talked about the chances and risks of designing against constraints when making "Superhot".

This year's conference was then concluded by the closing panel, which tackled the eternal question "Quo Vadis, games industry?" and all panelists bullishly predicted solid growth for all platforms. Only Greg Essig, formerly of Apple, now at Mobcrush, worried about "all the bodies on the wayside of the road to VR".


See you at QUO VADIS 2017!

We of QUO VADIS want to thank all attendees, all speakers, all sponsors, all partners.
We had a wonderful time making this conference happen in this great venue in this vibrant city. We hope you enjoyed the show, made good business, have learned useful things and had some fun working and celebrating with your games industry peers. Until next year!


All photos © Ulf Büschleb. Photos are free to use when credited.

You may also download all photos of the day via Dropbox: QUO VADIS - Pics Day 3


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