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Why are more indies choosing CRYENGINE?

At QUO VADIS ’17, CRYENGINE-powered indie title Darkness Anomaly will be making its playable debut. Developed by Roman Perezogin, Darkness Anomaly is an atmospheric, narrative-driven, open-world horror game that takes a twist on the genre and leverages old-school puzzle solving skills.

Why did Roman choose CRYENGINE? He said, “When I started game development I wanted an engine which was easy and simple to use, but had a lot of power which I could unlock too. CRYENGINE just felt comfortable. It’s very versatile, powerful, and it’s optimized for VR so you have a lot of options at your disposal.”


Darkness Anomaly is playable for the first time on the show floor at the CRYENGINE stand, so make sure to come by and experience the demo.


Meet CRYENGINE Community Manager Cry-Nic


Nic, who plays an important role in the CRYENGINE community, will also be at the show and on hand to answer questions. Nic explains the importance of the CRYENGINE community and why it is growing below:

“More and more developers are choosing CRYENGINE and supporting them is a big focus for us. CRYENGINE is great for small teams, even one person outfits, to easily achieve visually impressive results.

Native features like SVOGI and Physically Based Rendering help developers produce high-fidelity scenes quickly and without the resources of a full team. Since the launch of CRYENGINE V, the introduction of a full FBX pipeline makes achieving these results even simpler by supporting a much wider selection of 3rd party tools that can get the job done. The versatility of the engine means that our user base is producing games in genres as diverse as snow sports simulators, VR biking experiences, isometric dungeon quests, and open-world RPGs.

We’re proud to offer a “Pay What You Want”, royalty-free business model which puts the rewards solely in the hands of the creators, while allowing them to contribute to the future development of the engine. In this way, CRYENGINE’s on-going evolution is directly supported by developers, and we shape our roadmap for new features in consultation with the community.

If you want to find out more, check out our booth and workshop to see what we have to offer and don’t hesitate to ask any questions."



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