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The animation pipeline in CRYENGINE has added a wide range of powerful features over time, but that has arrived with a perception of increasing complexity. The CRYENGINE Animation Bootcamp intends to provide a platform, through Quo Vadis, to outline simple best practices when using the toolset. Bringing together a comprehensive pipeline, across animation import and Mannequin setup, this bootcamp is a two hour long discussion where you can draw upon the knowledge and expertise from the team at Crytek’s Frankfurt HQ, with a focus on diving deep into how you can create a modular setup without compromising performance in your shipped title. The bootcamp starts with a focused discussion on the expected animation preparations for CRYENGINE development. The focus will quickly transition into how to best apply that knowledge within CRYENGINE to create a functional character in a level.
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Everyone interested

Through different tools and using different disciplines, the bootcamp will demonstrate the engine’s flexibility and speed, and how rapidly a developer can get up and running with the CRYENGINE animation pipeline.

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