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Crises Management in the Games Industry


Dr. Lutz Anderie (Anderie Management)
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Your game is not performing and your company costs are too high? You are running out of money and you can’t pay your employees in time? Crises need to be managed – they are part of the life cycle of a company. It requires leadership, clear communication and the commitment of employees to manage a games company in trouble. Once the right strategies and tactics are put in place, turn-around management can lead to success - every crisis is a chance for improvement or a new beginning.
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Start-up entrepreneurs, students and young developers

Crisis Management in the games industry is not new – there have always been crises. The session shows business practices on how to manage a games company when the going ‘gets rough’. It will be explained ‘how to avoid, ‘how to recognize’ and ‘how to manage’ a crisis.
The session is backed up with many examples of games companies that have managed crises successfully but also shows what happens if the company goes out of business. It is based on the bestselling no 1 Amazon business book ‘Games Industry Management – Gründung, Strategie und Leaderhship’.

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