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Cognitive Game Characters: Science and Techniques behind `MarioAI`


Fabian Schrodt (University of Tübingen, Cognitive Modeling)
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Artificial intelligence has made tremendous progress over the recent years. Yet, behavior of game characters is typically still scripted, reactive, and predictable. This talk provides insights from cognitive science and psychology for creating game characters that appear versatile and somewhat alive. In the example of a Super Mario clone - MarioAI - a cognitive architecture is applied to enable intelligent agents to learn and reason about their world, to communicate with the user via speech, and to act goal-directedly to reach self-motivated or instructed goals. In a similar manner, the architecture enables characters to learn from and about other agents to emulate social interactions. The talk will highlight future opportunities for developing adaptive game agents by means of cognitive and neural architectures.
Audience adressed: 
Game developers, designers and executives, also researchers and students interested in cognitive, computer, and media science, psychology, and their possible connection to games

Basics of some aspects of cognition and current studies
Insights from modeling cognitive game agents
Ideas for future directions in game development

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Code / Platforms / Tools
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Time slot: 
2016-04-20 14:00
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