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Co-Producing Between France and Germany - The Homo Machina Case Study


Thierry Baujard (Media Deals /SpielFabrique/ Feierabend)
Ina Göring (Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH)
Marc Lustigman (Darjeeling)
Kornelia Theuné (Arte)
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France and Germany offer new opportunities to co produce video games and access talent and financing from the 2 countries. Join us to see how the complementarities from the 2 countries can be beneficial for your project through the example of the "Homo Machina" video game (first co production between Darjeeling and Feiearbend produktion supported by ARTE, CNC in France and the MedienBoard in Berlin. You will learn from the producers and the finaciers the best ways to develop international co productions.

Session Moderator

Thierry Baujard
Audience adressed: 
Indie studio with internmational outlook and looking for finnacing options.

Learning about co-production and the complementarities of the French and German markets via the "Homo Machina" case study with ARTE, CNC and Medienboard.

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