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Cheating - As Old as Gaming Itself! An Overview of the Past, Present and Future


Robert Maroschik (MegaDev GmbH)
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Cheating in games is as old as the game itself, whether we are talking about card-, board- or computer-games! This little talk shall concentrate on the latter, of course, and will take you from the early beginnings of cheats printed in game magazines up to the most famous time of cheating via in-game-cheats and todays usual approach. We will talk about techniques in the course of time and have a glimpse of how cheating could affect future game design. This session shall also be an entry for the following panel.
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Overall, developers and publishers with focus on SinglePlayer game devs/pubs.

Understand, why 60% of all gamers cheat. See, how this train just cannot be stopped. Instead learn, how to establish a safe cheat environment that actually helps you better your game and storytelling to enhance the fun for everyone - cheaters and non-cheaters!

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