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Cheating and Botting in Multiplayer Games: A Problem Nobody Likes to Talk About


Gunnar Lott (Visibility Communications)
Marian Härtel (Lawoffice of Marian Härtel)
Robert Maroschik (MegaDev GmbH)
David Salz (Sandbox Interactive GmbH)
Arne Peters (ESL - Turtle Entertainment)
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Cheating and botting is problem that is very much like a sexually transmitted disease: Someone who's active and popular is not likely to get it but nobody likes to talk about it. Yet many games, from high profile productions like Pokémon Go to competitive games like CS:GO to MMOs such as WoW are infested by cheats bots and under constant attack by players bending, breaking or testing the rules. In this panel and the accompanying series of microtalks the explore different facets of this, from a legal angle, from a technical angle, from a community management angle.

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Gunnar Lott
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