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The Challenges Facing Established Game Genres - As They Move Into the World of VR


Martin de Ronde (Force Field)
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Force Field developed Oculus Rift exclusive Landfall, a single and multi-player top down third person shooter, that launched earlier this year. In this talk, light will be shed on the challenges Force Field faced when taking an existing genre, that of top down shooters, into VR and the way in which VR turned the tables on many if not most of the features and mechanics of that genre. From the specific lessons of Landfall, general lessons can be deduced, leading to a number of recommendations for developer looking to take established genres into VR.
Audience adressed: 
Developers getting started in VR as well as developers who already have one or more titles published in VR or AR.

Attendees will get an overview of surprising and unexpected things Force Field had to contend with in the development of Landfall, and the general lessons these findings may represent for them, as well as a number of recommendations in general on working in VR.

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Game Design
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