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Anne Beuttenmüller (Niantic Inc.)
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With the release of Pokémon Go in July 2016 Niantic not only took the gaming world by storm but also impacted society on a worldwide scale. Dominating popular culture with a free-to-play mobile game might have looked like an overnight success but was long in the making. How can Pokémon Go continue to thrive in 2017, and what can mobile game developers learn from the success? What worked well, what didn’t? Anne Beuttenmüller, Head of Marketing EMEA, Niantic Inc., will explain how Pokémon Go benefits from Niantic’s lessons from Ingress on location-based gaming to sustain the hype by using marketing opportunities and content updates. She will share insights on the way the project took from the first ideas to the actual release and after, challenges it faced and changes that have been made. She’ll also share insights on in-app marketing strategies and how Niantic manages to evangelize brands to engage in Niantic’s partner program, and on what is planned for the game’s future in 2017 and beyond

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Anne Beuttenmüller
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Attendees will get an intensive look behind the scenes of Pokemon Go and Niantic’s work, including lessons learned and post mortem influences from the time prior to release, as well as insights on post-release activities, opportunities for other mobile game developments. Also, this talk gives an outlook on future Pokémon Go activities, and gives ideas on impacts for the mobile games market in general.

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