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CANCELLED: Narrative for the New Age


Gabriela Middlebrook (Creative Assembly)
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Synopsis: With the popularity of open world games, narrative has been straying further and further from a linear path. Dynamic systems and player driven narratives are beginning to pop up in more and more games. How do we maintain player agency while still trying to tell a cohesive and impactful story?
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Audience: Game Designers, Narrative Designers

Game designers who see this talk will understand the importance of integrating pre-existing systems into the narrative and that narrative is more than just text and should be present in all aspects of the game. Narrative designers and writers will walk away with several concepts of how to tell an engaging story and the tools to figure out which methods work best for their projects. Students and generalists will get an overview of how different ways story can be presented in games and the impact those methods can have on players and how they experience the game.

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