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Breaking the Habit: Why Every Dev-Team Needs a Philosopher


Maximilian Nemmert (Squad Loft)
Thomas Arnold (Philosophisches Seminar Universität Heidelberg)
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Philosophers are trained to spot inconsistencies and challenge our implicit assumptions. They have analyzed concepts like “experience”, “action”, “meaning” or “world” in detail. This philosophical expertise can greatly enhance our understanding of what makes games plausible, unique, and immersive. In this session, we are going to give an example by discussing atmosphere creation in virtual worlds and outline why including philosophers into DevTeams will be a best practice in the future.
Audience adressed: 
The main audience adressed by this session are game designers. Other groups potentially benefitting from this session’s content are story writers / designers (“How can my story reflect those philosophical insights?”) and business decision maker (“To which extent is it worth to involve a philosopher in our team?”). Some extent of knowledge according game design will be helpful to pull the most out of the session, so below the experience level is defined as “Intermediate”. However, all other levels of experience will be able to benefit from the session too.

The session will provide the audience with a better understanding of…
- …why philosophical expertise will help to enhance game designs in the future.
- …what aspects make up the atmosphere of a game world or situation and how awareness for those aspects can greatly boost immersion.
- …why game designers should make a habit of challenging their implicit assumptions.

Session Type: 
Game Design
Experience level adressed: 

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