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Best of Quo Vadis - powered by CRYENGINE


André Bernhardt (Indie Advisor)
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A handpicked selection of indie teams participating in the Indie Games Expo, will get the chance to pitch their projects on the main stage of QUO VADIS. Each team has only 5 minutes in front of our jury, consisting of experienced industry experts, to present their project and to show why their game should be winner of the evening. The jury will make their decision on the same evening once all projects have been presented on stage. Eligibility requirements: Presentations must be held only in English No publisher contract Game must be playable in a beta version Concepts or prototypes will not be accepted Presentation using your own laptop or device, on which the game must be installed before you start the presentation Two winners of the “Best of Quo Vadis Award”- winning studio will receive an all-inclusive, two-day trip to Frankfurt to visit CRYENGINE headquarters. During the trip, winners will be able to talk development and get insight direct from Crytek’s battle-hardened movers and shakers on their exclusive behind-the-scenes visit. A tour of the city is also on offer, including taking in the sights and sampling local specialties: apple wine and schnitzel with Frankfurt green sauce. Maybe your next great idea might emerge in one of Frankfurt’s famous apple wine taverns with the CRYENGINE team, all on CRYENGINE coin. In addition the winners will also receive two tickets from our partners at Nordic Game 2017 and directly enter the finals of the Nordic Game Discovery session at Nordic Game, Malmö in May 2017!

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André Bernhardt
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Indies, Newcomers, Students without publisher


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