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The Art of Failure


Mariusz Szypura (Telehorse)
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It is a story of mistakes, misjudgements and poor decisions in game development. It demonstrates how a hopeless situation may be turned into a valuable lesson, experience or even success. The scope of the subject matter is extensive and includes specific examples related to the game concept, game development, marketing, publishing, as well as trademark battles. The author is truthful in admitting his own mistakes, hoping that his honesty might help others avoid going down the same path.
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The presentation is addressed to a wide audience of gaming industry professionals. The subject matter concerns primarily the problems encountered by independent developers who frequently need to make decisions on their own. The presentation might also be of interest to people interested in creative troubleshooting, but sometimes hesitant when it comes to decision-making, as well as to those who feel overwhelmed by the responsibility for potential mistakes.   While the presentation is aimed at game developers with some experience in the industry, both beginners and proficient devs can also learn a lesson from it.

The author hopes to change the audience’s attitude to making mistakes, so that they stop being embarrassed and begin openly discussing failure and the lessons learned. The author wants game developers to be proud of the knowledge and experienced gained as a result of failing to succeed the first time round.

The author will share his experiences with respect to developing three games by Telehorse. The audience can expect an honest first-hand account of the developer’s struggles. There will be funny moments, examples of accidental success and carefully-designed disasters.

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