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In-App Purchase Like a Pro: Best Practices from the Top 50 Games & Apps


Mario Viviani (Amazon Appstore)
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How and why add In-App Purchase to your App or Game? What are the Top 50 Apps doing with In-App Purchase that the rest of the developers are not? In its role as a mobile app publisher, Amazon Appstore is perfectly positioned to analyze and interpret millions of mobile downloads and in-app purchases, leading to some surprising and intriguing insights into mobile app engagement and monetization.
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Mobile developers

In this talk we'll:

-Zero-in on In-App Purchasing features like Consumables, Entitlements and Subscriptions

-Discuss a cohort analysis designed to identify best practices common among the Top 50 revenue-generating apps and games,

-Understand how to optimize apps and games to attract big spenders and power users

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