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5 Changes in the Games Industry of 2022, and How to Start Preparing for Them Now


Don Daglow (4thRing LLC)
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What are some of the surprising twists and turns that the games industry may take in the next five years? How could you plan and adapt now if you knew more of the potential patterns that could emerge in the future? No one knows for sure, but Don Daglow has been designing and developing major games for the last 45 years and has personally seen all the patterns -- and earthquakes -- of industry history. In this session he'll look ahead to the 51st anniversary of his first computer game and share five major changes he believes we'll see by 2022.
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General games industry audience

1. We are, like everyone else, subject to the laws of modern economics. We ignore them at our peril.

2. Hardware platform cycles will no longer function in the way they have for the last twenty years.

3. The problem of Discovery is not going away, but developers can exploit new advantages to battle it.

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