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How to survive bringing your Unity game to 10 platforms

Arne von Öhsen (KING Art Games)
Jan Theysen (King Art)
We released our fantasy adventure "The Book of Unwritten Tales 2" on a total of ten platforms. A feat that had previously been unthinkable for small teams has become possible with the help of Unity - As long as the production is organized accordingly and potential issues are identified in advance.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/18/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 4

(Cancelled) A Winning Combination: How using in-app purchases and ads together can maximize mobile game revenue)

Olga Kes (Google)
With 90% of today´s apps downloaded as free, making money as an app developer requires a more sophisticated approach that balances revenue with a positive user experience. Often this means using both advertising and in-app purchases in combination. But how do you succeed with this approach? How do you know which users see ads and which users see IAPs? Attend this session for some pointers from AdMob about how to craft a winning strategy for your game.
PR / Marketing / Community Talk

10 Core Principles For Directing a Successful Game Team

Alexander Hutchinson (Ubisoft Montreal)
Over the last 15 years I’ve designed or directed a half dozen games on teams of 600 people and teams of 50 people; with multiple studios in multiple languages, to a bunch of people in a single room in a strip mall; while working 80 hours a week and while working a sanity preserving 50 hours a week. Along the way we’ve picked up awards, sold millions of copies, and hopefully figured a few things out. These are the ten things I try to keep in mind when directing a game, and which I’ve found to have a significant impact on our success as a team and my success as a director.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/19/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 1

10 rules for breaking the rules when designing games - Using dogma rules to limit your design and expand your creativity

Tim Garbos (Triband)
Rune K. Drewsen (Triband)
Tim Garbos and Rune K. Drewsen will talk about how making games based on limiting the design to a strict dogma can allow you to break common design best practices. Showing examples from the design process of Progress to 100, an award winning mobile game using only 2 colors, a progress bar and 4 words of text on the screen, they will illustrate how this allowed the puzzles to use the microphone, camera, power cable, volume buttons and much more without breaking the experience. Restricting the design forced the team to dig deeper, find new sources of inspiration and explore just how much you can do with how little. They will also talk about their current production Keyboard Sports - the final tribute; how they have created a new set of strict dogma rules and how it has affected the design so far and helps them make decisions.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 4

15 minute introductions and market overviews over partner areas

Dr. Peter Freier (General Delegation of Québec in Germany, Switzerland and Austria)
Jakub Marszałkowski (Game Industry Conference / Indie Games Polska)
Tugbek Olek (Setimedia)
This session will present three of our partnering areas in short 15 minute market overviews - to learnt about and get in touch with our partners in Quebec, Poland and Turkey!
Biz Panel 04/20/2016 - 1:00pm Channel 2

6 months without Safe Harbor - How to use cloudservices as a European

Kai Bodensiek (Brehm & v. Moers)
Thorsten Rendel (Microsoft)
In October 2015 the European Court of Justice found that the Safe Harbor Agreement between the EU and the US is void. The only valid option for the data transfer tothe US was cut, causing serious problems for any company that uses cloud services with an international provider. The talk will show current options and developments in US/EU data protection in the last year and will show consequences for the games industry. Microsoft will show how approached the situation and the solutions they offer.
Legal Talk 04/18/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 6

Aim for the Heart: Designing and streamlining complex games

Sebastian Bombera (Blue Byte, a Ubisoft Studio)
Using examples from the development of Anno 2205, Sebastian Bombera presents methods and best practices for Game Designers.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 3

Albion Online - software architecture of a cross-platform MMO

David Salz (Sandbox Interactive GmbH)
Albion Online is a cross-platform sandbox MMO RPG game. This talk takes you behind the (technical) scenes. We will take a look at the structure of the server farm and its inner workings, the databases, the threading and message processing model and many other interesting implementation aspects. On the client side, Albion uses the well-known Unity game engine. The second part of the talk will describe how we use Unity (and which features we do not use, which is just as important!)
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/18/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 4

All the things you need to know about mobile soft launch

Oliver Kern (Mobilize)
Soft launch is the most crucial stage in the entire app life-cycle. It’s the phase that determines if you are on track to release an app that can have positive impact — both on your business and on your audience. This session will give you insights around the latest countries and their cost per user, reasons why to choose which market and how to plan your softlaunch in order to get the most out of it with many examples.
PR / Marketing / Community Talk 04/20/2016 - 11:00am Channel 2

Amazon Appstore Developer Workshop

Jesse Freeman (Amazon)
Peter Heinrich (Amazon)
Garnett Lee (Amazon)
Have an Android app or even an idea for an app? You are invited to join Amazon Appstore for a workshop designed to give you the essential tips, tricks and tools to improve your app and make it reach more customers, from Amazon and beyond. At the end of the session, you will be able to publish your Android app directly to the Amazon Appstore, and will have clear action points to improve the performance and engagement of your apps. The workshop will be structured into three sessions: 1. From a One Person Shop to Indie Dev to AAA: What it Really Takes to Grow 2. Turn Players to Fans - Top Techniques to Build a Fan Base and Increase User Engagement 3. Top 5 Tips for Porting Unity Games to Fire Devices
Code / Platforms / Tools Workshop 04/19/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 7 Classroom

An Empirical Analysis of Different Marketing Strategies for Software Developers on the Google Play Store Market

Clemens Fuhrmeister (Martin-Luther-University)
Which pricing strategy should I choose for my mobile application? How many languages should be supported? Does it pay of to program my app for pads and phones? Should developers offer lite/free versions? To answer these questions, the attributes of 10.000 applications, which are on both, Google’s Play Store and Apple’s iTunes Store, were observed over a period of four months. Besides classic instruments, such as price and quality, I analysed the associations between developers’ strategies and the success of an app measured by its downloads. It will be shown that besides the pricing strategy and quality, also "softer" product characteristics (required Android version, number of apps in the same category, number of supported languages, supporting pads and phones, offering a lite/free version and so on) can be associated with an apps success. The analysis was conducted using a maximum likelihood estimation of an ordered model (with R).
PR / Marketing / Community Talk 04/19/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 4

An Experts' Dialog on Music in Games

Arnold Nesis (Capricia Productions)
Kai Rosenkranz (Nevigo)
Karen Collins (Games Institute at University of Waterloo, Canada)
Karen Collins in an expert conversation with Arnold Nesis and Kai Rosenkranz on music and composition in games.
Sound / Animation / GFX Panel 04/19/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 6

An introduction to the beautiful and complex world of youth protection regulations in Germany

Paul Dalg (USK )
Sometimes it seems like Germans enjoy regulations just as much as bureaucracy. That’s why we do not only have one but two laws to protect children and young adults from potential harmful media content. But what is harmful online content according to the German legal definition? Spoiler: It’s the violence in your game. And your unapologetic attack on the kids’ piggy banks’. This talk will give you a quick overview of the different fields of online content that has to comply with the law: online and mobile games, social media, trailers and your company website. We will discuss what you have to consider depending on your game’s youth protection relevance and also give some short examples on legal compliance and inadmissible online content.
Legal Talk 04/19/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 4

Animation in Assassins Creed Identity

Martin Fiedler (Ubisoft Blue Byte)
Martin Weusten (Ubisoft Blue Byte)
Delivering a true Assassin’s Creed experience on a mobile platform is one of the key goals for the development of Assassin’s Creed Identity. The team has a strong focus on bringing the freedom of movement you know from the AC series to phones and tablets. It is essential for the animation system of this game that the players are able to move freely through the open city levels using mobile touch controls. Challenges involve finding the right balance between ease of controls and freedom of movement, smooth transitions, climbing, parkour action and dynamic combat that demands a precise interaction between characters. The game also has to support a very large number of animations for a mobile game while on the other hand dealing with harsh memory constraints on the mobile target platform. The talk covers the tools, workflows and custom solutions that the team uses to overcome the challenges. This involves the use of tools to trigger timing related events, using master controllers to automate controller generation, IK usage, meta data generation and the climbing system.
Sound / Animation / GFX Talk 04/18/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 3

Art Directing in the Horror Game Genre

Mateusz Lenart (Bloober Team)
This talk will be focused on art direction in the development of horror games. How to tackle the subject to be noticed on the market. Why the main concept and theme are so important. How the game graphics influence the reception of the game; how it leads the player and directs the gameplay with the use of lighting and composition. Why choosing the correct atmosphere and graphical assets have such huge impact on the game?
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 4

Ask us anything (on living game development) – open discussion!

Luc Baghadoust (DONTNOD Entertainment)
Don Daglow (4thRing LLC)
Raoul Barbet (DONTNOD Entertainment)
Kate Edwards (International Game Developers Association (IGDA))
Alexander Hutchinson (Ubisoft Montreal)
Gunnar Lott (Visibility Communications)
Aruba Events (Aruba Events)
This is an extended Q&A session on anything you´d like to ask our speakers on living game development, from career advice, to tips and tricks and tools or running projects or specific game productions.
Culture / Science / Education Panel 04/19/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 1

Bad matchmaking = no success: How to design the perfect matchmaking for your game

Robert Boehm (Playjoo)
Gaming is a social thing and that's why multiplayer games are great. It is much more fun to play together...or against someone. While there is hardly anyone who denies this and finally the technology for creating great multiplayer experiences is available even for one-man-studios, there is still one big issue: matchmaking. Hardly anyone talks about it, but a proper matchmaking system is crucial for the success of a multiplayer game. During my 12years of experience in the online multiplayer gaming space I have seen many great game projects failing as they did not think about getting the matchmaking part right. In this talk I want to share my knowlegde & experience to provide the audience with a comprehensive understanding about the complexity of matchmaking and how they can implement the best possible matchmaking for their own games.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/19/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 6

Being Realistic About Our Audience: Beyond Core, Mid-Core and Casual

Don Daglow (4thRing LLC)
Some designers focus on just core, mid-core or casual players. Some marketers split online players into 517 classes, divisions that are useless to game designers. In between these two extremes is a realistic, addressable set of categories into which we can subdivide our players. In this session veteran game designer Don Daglow will fuel the debate on audiences by sharing his ideas on the topic. You may agree or disagree with his approach, but it will kickstart your thinking on your next title.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 11:00am Channel 1

Breathing life into a generated universe

Andreas Suika (Daedalic Studio West GmbH)
Procedural generation is a great technique to create vast worlds, epically with small teams. However, there´s a fine line between a rich, vast world and an empty, bland one. Daedalic West is a small team, aiming to create a galaxy filled with interesting cultures and adventures. “The Long Journey Home” combines influences of classic Space Adventures like Starflight and Star Control II with modern roguelike-elements. The galaxy is inspired by Sci-fi shows like Farscape and Firefly. To keep exploration, exciting new worlds and (first) contact with different cultures interesting, the galaxy, solar systems planetary surfaces, the adventures and, of course, the aliens are all randomized whenever a new game is started. The game´s run by the Unreal 4 Engine. This talk shows how a small team deals with the technical and design challenges of a galaxy that needs life and interesting gameplay. We’ll show the generating-system in action and talk about the Galaxy-Seed, the rules of generation and the tightrope walk of randomization and ´handmade´ content.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/19/2016 - 11:00am Channel 2

Bringing a round-based strategy game to mobile

Wilhelm Österberg (Black Anvil Games)
About three years ago we set out on a mission: We wanted to bring a round-based strategy game, a genre that most gamers so far mainly enjoyed on PCs, to mobile. Today that mission is nearly completed with Warlords having been soft launched in various countries and showing very promising data. This may all sound easy enough, but the truth is that it was a hell of a ride for the team and there were times when we weren´t even sure if the project would continue. Along the way, we´ve learned many valuable things which we believe in the end made the difference and led to the numbers we now see. Wilhelm, Head of Studio and Product Lead for Warlords, will share these learnings in his talk answering the following questions: What set screws did we touch to make the session structure, pacing and content consumption work on mobile? Why different meta game systems are crucial? And finally how sticking to your game vision from start to end can make you survive such a ride.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/18/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 2

Building Universes: Art, Design, and Narrative at Amplitude Studios

Jeff Spock (Amplitude Studios)
An explanation of how Amplitude brought together art, design, and narrative when founding the studio and creating the "Endless" universe.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 11:00am Channel 6

Captivating candidates - to come and work for you…

Monica Crisp (Change Job Ltd)
“top talent get multiple job offers – get them to accept your job offer” From a company´s perspective – how to recruit the best people. The top candidates receive multiple job offers. How do you get the best to accept the role with you? This will discuss writing a job specification, interview process, company culture, offer acceptance practices. Simple tips for interviewing applicants (e.g. meeting at station, thinking about company culture).
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 10:00am Channel 7 Classroom

Closing Panel - Quo Vadis games industry?

Matt Firor (ZeniMax Online Studios)
Karoliina Korppoo (Colossal Order Ltd.)
Greg Essig (Mobcrush)
Teut Weidemann (Online Entertainment)
Gunnar Lott (Visibility Communications)
The classical international closing panel at Quo Vadis discussing hot topics which where brought up during Quo Vadis - to assess where we are and discuss the future where our industry is going!
Biz Panel 04/20/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 1

Cognitive Game Characters: Science and Techniques behind `MarioAI`

Fabian Schrodt (University of Tübingen, Cognitive Modeling)
Artificial intelligence has made tremendous progress over the recent years. Yet, behavior of game characters is typically still scripted, reactive, and predictable. This talk provides insights from cognitive science and psychology for creating game characters that appear versatile and somewhat alive. In the example of a Super Mario clone - MarioAI - a cognitive architecture is applied to enable intelligent agents to learn and reason about their world, to communicate with the user via speech, and to act goal-directedly to reach self-motivated or instructed goals. In a similar manner, the architecture enables characters to learn from and about other agents to emulate social interactions. The talk will highlight future opportunities for developing adaptive game agents by means of cognitive and neural architectures.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/20/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 5

Cognitive Psychology of Virtual Reality - Basics, Problems and Tips

Thomas Bedenk (Exozet Berlin GmbH)
Every new medium brings with it a whole new universe to be explored for creative minds and content creators. While the human physiology stays the same their media literacy develops with every generation of new media. Understanding the cognitve psychology of virtual reality helps to create experiences custom made for this new frontier of entertainment. While you are always drawing from what came before, the key to making a truly unique experience is embracing its limitations and possibilites rather than just reproducing the old content with an added dimension of fidelity. While cognitive psychology is a wide field this talk will focus specifically on aspects directly helpful for the current state of VR technology.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/19/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 3

Cohort-based monetization analytics - a look at disaggregating revenue

Cohort-based monetization KPIs have shown to be very useful in analyzing f2p revenue - following each day´s new users through your game and detecting arising technical or gameplay issues in retention or monetization. In this talk we will look at some of the techniques GREE is using to monitor monetization and stability of our games.
Biz Talk 04/20/2016 - 10:00am Channel 2

Computational Intelligence and Games: Creating, Balancing, Learning to Play

Mike Preuss (Westfälische Wilhelms-Universität Münster)
We are currently seeing the redefinition of the term Game AI. Modern Game AI is understood to be much more encompassing than just controlling opponent AI. A huge amount of research currently deals with supporting game creation by means of Procedural Content Generation. A closely linked and largely untackled problem is (semi-)automated balancing: if we let algorithms modify game content, we also need the tools to make a game playable (again). This in turn requires general, adaptable AI components that can represent players, as featured in the General Video Game AI (GVGAI) environment and competitions. We can find such tools in Computational Intelligence/Machine Learning: Evolutionary Algorithms (EA) and Monte-Carlo tree search (MCTS) are flexible, easy-to-use methods that heavily rely on controlled randomness.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/20/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 5

Creativity, Machine Learning and Design - a new paradigm

Samim Winiger (ArtificialExperience)
In recent years, there has been an explosion of research and experiments that deal with creativity and machine learning. Almost every week there is a new A.I system that paints art, writes stories, composes music, designs objects and even builds houses. The question arrises: What is this all about? This talk presents a clear narrative and argues we are witnessing the birth of a new paradigm: creative A.I. It investigates the rich history of creative technologies - from augmentation to automation - and shows the opportunities intelligent machines offer for creative industries, design and the arts.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/20/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 5

Cross-Continent Perspective on the truly global market.

Mark Val (PlayFab & ARX)
For the first time, the gaming industry is about to hit full global reach. From the West, East to Africa the essential guide to market accross the world with the most important global trends. This lecture is the meeting point for the global gaming business.
Biz Talk 04/18/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 3

Data Protection Authorities – Friends or Enemies? How to do your homework for D-Day

Dr. Christian Rauda (GRAEF Rechtsanwälte)
Data protection authorities increase their manpower. This entails that companies in the games industry attract more and more attention. A lot of those companies have, however, not done appropriate homework when it comes to data protection measures. More than enough they are taken by surprise when the state authorities start to inquire their company with regard to conformity to German and European data protection laws. Authorities have the right to impose considerable fines once they discover non-compliance. Apart from the financial damage, companies may also suffer considerable damages in reputation which result in losing customers and revenue. This talk recommends concrete activities in order to survive an inspection by the authorities.
Legal Talk 04/18/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 6

David Helgason (Unity Technologies) in a fireside chat with Dean Takahashi (Venturebeat)

David Helgason (Unity Technologies)
Dean Takahashi (VentureBeat)
Quo Vadis game production? Quo Vadis middleware? A fireside chat about the future of game development technologies. What will be the biggest trend in developing games in five or ten years? How much influence will VR and AR have on future gaming projects? Listen to David Helgason, founder and inventor of Unity, and Dean Takahashi, one of the most influential gaming journalists in the world.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 1

Deep Learning as a Game Changer - Opportunities and Applications

Dr. Matthias Platho (TBA)
Deep Learning is currently emerging as one of the most powerful techniques of Artificial Intelligence. Related startups have been bought for hundreds of millions of dollars. The hype around Deep Learning bases on the fact that it can be applied to different businesses – one of them being the games industry. Creating stronger AI opponents, evaluating player feedback automatically and replacing A/B testing by a learning system tailored to each individual user are just a few possible use cases.
Biz Talk 04/20/2016 - 11:00am Channel 5

Deep Learning for Visual Classification of Adjective Noun Pairs and its Application

Dr. Damian Borth (German Research Center for Artificial Intelligence)
Nowadays the Web, as a major platform for communication and information exchange, is shifting towards visual content. Unfortunately, visual content in form of images or videos is limited in its accessibility as compared to textual content. With recent advances in deep learning we are able to analyze the content of images and videos as not seen before. This talk will present the first framework able to extract sentiment from visual content by introducing the Visual Sentiment Ontology (VSO). This ontology consists of thousands of Adjective Noun Pair (ANP) concepts able to capture such polarities. Further, the talk introduces SentiBank, the associated deep convolutional neural network (CNN) used to detect the presence of up to 2089 ANPs in images. Originally designed to assess sentiment in visual content, SentiBank was already shown to have a broad spectrum of application domains ranging from aesthetic assessment, image popularity prediction, filtering explicit content, analysis of live-streamed video games. Finally, the talk will close with the Yahoo Flickr Creative Common 100 million (YFCC100m) dataset which is the largest available dataset in the academic community and challenges associated with large-scale training of CNNs.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 5

Deep Learning in Movement Modelling and Robotics

Prof. Dr. Patrick van der Smagt (Technische Universität München (TUM) / fortiss)
A traditional way of representing movement of human or robotic limbs is by solving dynamical models, estimating their parameters, and combining those with the available neuronal or mathematical controllers. Opposing this systemic approach, we venture to represent movement using generative probabilistic models, generated through deep learning. Exploiting deep autoencoders and recurrent neural networks, we can use these to accurately model human or robot movement, based on measured movement data alone. Moreover, these movements can be reconstructed from different types of sensors, which when combined increase accuracy and reduce error. In this talk I will focus on machine-learning methodologies for movement representation and show how their results can be used in robot control, human movement prediction, assistive robotics, and human--machine interfacing.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/20/2016 - 10:00am Channel 5

Deep Learning – Transforming how we look at photographs

Ralph Hinsche (Nvidia)
Ramzi Rizk (EyeEm)
GPUs, or Graphical Processing Units, are driving the industry adoption of deep learning. GPUs perform several calculations at once—or in parallel, making them ideal for training deep learning neural networks. EyeEm is a photography community and marketplace that offers over 15 million photographers a place to improve their skills, explore a world of beautiful photos, and earn money through licensing their images. Powered by NVIDIA GPUs, EyeEm Vision is EyeEm's proprietary framework for automatically categorizing and ranking photos based on their content and aesthetics. In this presentation, EyeEm's Co-Founder and CTO Ramzi Rizk (or Appu Shaji, Head of Research and Development) and NVIDIA's Business Development Manager Ralph Hinsche will discuss how EyeEm Vision, with the help of GPUs, transforms the way image keywording and categorization works, and sorts photos based on aesthetic qualities - transforming how we see photographs.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 5

Designing a Winning VR Experience

Dan Da Rocha (Fiddlesticks Games)
Game developers who are on the cutting edge of technology have been toying around with VR headsets for several years now. Though there´s still a long way to go, lots of experimentation has been done to figure out what feels right in VR. Da Rocha will share his experience of working with VR on titles such as Q.U.B.E. 2 and Aboard The Lookinglass and how his studio has integrated the tech from the ground up instead of shoehorning it into an existing game. He will touch upon proven techniques used in the development of these games including what works and what doesn´t and what developers can do at this time to get their VR title noticed.
other Talk 04/20/2016 - 11:00am Channel 3

Designing around constraints in SUPERHOT

Piotr Iwanicki (SUPERHOT)
SUPERHOT is an experimental First Person Shooter designed around an idea of "time moves only when you move". Many of the design solutions came as a direct answer to our constraints as a small, independent developer, doing their first big game. I will show you exactly how those constraints helped shape SUPERHOT's design, art, technology and marketing.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 4

Designing games from a designers perspective – insight and lessons learnt

Mariusz Szypura (Telehorse)
The presentation describes the challenges faced by designers wishing to enter the world of game development. It is based on Mariusz Szypura's experiences when designing the award-winning Steampunker and Steamburg. The author is a highly-experienced graphic designer, but without prior experience in designing games. He talks frankly about the problems encountered when designing games, pinpointing the differences, as well as similarities, between game design and "traditional" graphic design. His presentation may be of interest to anyone in the world of game design and development.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 4

Developing a mobile game backend with Azure and Actor Model

Kevin Daniel Setiono (OnlineFußballManager GmbH)
Learn to perform miracles by utilizing a state of the art game backend that´s simple in its design and leverages Service Fabric, an Actor Model based software framework on Azure, and distributed systems that won´t add unnecessary complexity to existing monolithic counterparts and add the peace of mind of disaster recovery and scalability. Topics covered include software design and common pitfalls to avoid.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/18/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 4

Developing More Opportunities for Your Game Today and Tomorrow with Twitch

Garnett Lee (Amazon)
Nothing else offers the potential to reach the games community like the 20 billion minutes watched each month on Twitch. At the same time, the thought of finding a spot alongside the likes of Hearthstone and League of Legends may seem overwhelming. Every game holds the ability to build the audience to create more opportunities for streamers to earn and developers to sell. We’ll show you steps you can take today to move toward that goal and set a foundation for developing, launching, and sustaining your game with Twitch. We also look a little further down the road at how this may influence game design in the future.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 1

Drakensang Online - Pitfalls and Opportunities of Designing Narrative for Free to Play

Lena Falkenhagen (
There are many chances and problems in designing narrative for a free-to-play hack and slay mmorpg like Drakensang Online. A short production cycle, a long production pipeline and a tireless player base make designing narrative for free to play a demanding business. But there are also chances to create something new and unique in a fast-paced environment. I will talk about designing the last three content extensions with a long production pipeline and many opportunites for Visual Storytelling as well as designing short-term events and features.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/19/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 6

Embracing Risk

David Manuel (Ubisoft Blue Byte)
Uwe Mathon (Ubisoft Blue Byte)
All projects come with risk. So how do we identify and assess risks when making decisions within development? This talk will cover such issues as the psychology of risk, examples of undue risks, managing risks within a risk register and the need to understand the dangers of risk aversion.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 2

Employing the true mobility of mobile devices with AR

Šarūnas Ledas (Tag of Joy)
Even though the touch screen has introduced new gameplay opportunities, and the mobility of a smart device allows users to play games anywhere anytime, there is only a handful of games that truly employ the mobility of those devices and the possibility to play on the move. That is why Tag of Joy ( is gradually introducing new ways of using AR and user location to enrich games and educational applications. Extensive experience with this technology, the challenges faced in the process of design and implementation, along with their solutions will be introduced in the presentation.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/18/2016 - 1:00pm Channel 6

eSports Athletes – requirements and expectations

Lukas N. P. Egger (Dojo Madness)
Dr. Christopher Grieben (Institute of Health Promotion and Clinical Movement Science (German Sport University Cologne))
Alexander Müller (SK Gaming)
Christian Kresse (ENPE Media Agency)
Peter Lemcke (German School Championship)
What would eSports be without its players? The eSports athletes panel will look at the current state of the professional gamer’s world, integrating team management experience, scientific studies from the German Sports University Cologne as well as a more technical point of view connected to the question why complex semantic analysis of business data could be the next big thing in eSports. Moderation: Christian Kresse (eSports Marketing Blog)
other Panel 04/18/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 5

eSports chances and challenges – past, present and future

Arne Peters (ESL - Turtle Entertainment)
Andrew Spearin (New World Interactive)
Al Yang (Bigpoint GmbH)
Elmar Giglinger (Circle21 eSports & Entertainment)
Tim Rittmann (Booster Space)
In this panel, league operators and game developers will discuss the past, present and future of the eSports universe from different perspectives, highlighting current challenges that eSports stakeholders are facing as well as upcoming chances for the whole gaming industry. Moderation: Tim Rittmann (freelance journalist)
Biz Panel 04/18/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 5

Failing at "little" things, presented by SAE

Bernhard Ewers (instance four)
Details coming soon
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 6

Fighting Mobile Ad Fraud in the Modern Era

Maor Sadra (AppLift)
Today, ad fraud is a serious issue affecting the mobile ecosystem as a whole. Beyond the financial costs to advertisers, it jeopardizes much-needed trust between all players in the industry. In this presentation, Maor will take an uncompromising look at the status of mobile ad fraud today, explain the main types of fraud, and present solutions as to how mobile advertisers can fight it efficiently.
Biz Talk 04/18/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 6

Financing Games as of 2016

Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)
Money makes the world go around... and ensures your games get made and shipped to eager gamers. Now, if only you could crack the mystery of pitching investors and getting all the monies. This lecture will dig into the details on sources of funding along with case studies, and how to best prepare yourself to be investable in today´s challenging marketplace.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 2

Find the Right Users, Find Success

Eliaz Lepeuvedic (Google)
It´s important to drive awareness of your app, but you want to reach the right kind of users: those who engage with your app often, and drive frequent usage and conversions. App promotion, re-engagement, and knowing how to assess lifetime value presents challenges to all app developers. Search, display and video can all work together to build your user acquisition strategy in a sustainable way. Discover how you can leverage Google´s tools to achieve your goals.
Biz Workshop 04/18/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 7 Classroom

Findings on level design when making "VR First" game P.O.L.L.E.N

Jaakko Kemppainen (Mindfield Games)
After 2,5 years of making a first-person exploration game, P.O.L.L.E.N is about to launch. As a VR game which began production while the Oculus Rift was still a Kickstarter project, the development has been quite a voyage of discovery and exploration, since there aren't any "best practices" for VR games. This lecture goes through the level and environment design decisions made in P.O.L.L.E.N. We discuss the causes and consequences of virtual reality and designing the environments of the game. What works and what doesn't in virtual reality, and how does the player's mind and senses function differently while playing the game in heavily immersive VR, compared to regular PC and monitor.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 3

Free software tools in 3D game development

Eva Gaspar (Abylight)
Licenses costs and the diversification of platforms pushed Abylight to adopt a new production model that would keep up with changes and allow the necessary freedom to choose its path. In this talk, we will cover the advantages of using free software tools in a full scale game development. We will go beyond its price and take into account how to create IP (privative software) while contributing back to the community.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 10:00am Channel 6

From Creating an Open World for a driving simulation in Unity to making a new game set in a dreamworld of hitchhiking and storytelling

Patrick Rau (kunst-stoff GmbH)
Christoph Ender (kunst-stoff GmbH)
How did a company known for making games about a scared Jello in a Haunted House got involved with the production of a Simulation Game all of the sudden? And how does this lead to a new game set in a dreamworld of hitchhiking and storytelling? Patrick Rau, Creative Director and CEO of Berlin based award winning Game Development Studio kunst-stoff will bring some light into this surprising enterprise while Christoph Ender, the Lead Programmer of kunst-stoff explains how the team solved technical challenges to build a huge open world game bigger then GTA for mobile devices.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/18/2016 - 1:00pm Channel 4

Game Design Post-Mortem - Cities: Skylines

Karoliina Korppoo (Colossal Order Ltd.)
Learn more of why and how the successful city building game, Cities: Skylines, was made. How can you compete with huge companies when you only have a team of 16 people? What needs to give when working on a full-fledged PC simulation game that will be compared with games thrice the budget? The Lead Designer of Skylines takes you though the ups and downs of the development time and touches on post-release content as well.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 11:00am Channel 1

Games Journalism by the Numbers

Heiko Klinge (Webedia Gaming)
Games Journalism has changed radically over the past years. It's not just about written previews and reviews anymore, but news-centric, social, multichannel and most of all metrics-driven. A big mainstream gaming website like publishes way over 100 content pieces each day from simple news to professionally produced Web TV shows. Despite this massive amount of content it has become harder and harder for game developers to get featured by mainstream media outlets. But has it really? The talk will provide deep insights into the metrics of, how they define the editorial strategy and what that means for developers who are trying to raise interest for their new game.
PR / Marketing / Community Talk 04/18/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 2

Gaming culture is universal, but different all over the world

Gareth Williams (Premier)
Bill Linn (Sandbox Strategies)
Meric Eryurek (GL Events / GIST Gaming Istanbul)
David Mohr (GAMEVIL Europe GmbH)
Dieter Marchsreiter (Marchsreiter Communications)
Join a team of industry veterans discussing what they have witnessed and learned from around the globe. Which territories hate overtime, which of them offer the best tax breaks. Is it easy to employ staff, and what is acceptable as an employer, and an employee. Who should you meet in each country, why, and which bars make the best meeting venues. You´ll find all of this, and other essential information in this panel featuring leading lights of the marketing world.
Culture / Science / Education Panel 04/18/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 1

Hands in games and virtual reality

Jakob Johansson (Gleechi)
We use or hands for almost all tasks in our life. Yet, hands are constantly avoided in games and 3D animation due to their complex nature. In this session we will discuss the problems related to generating realistic hand motion and interaction in games and virtual reality. We will present the key findings from our 8 years of robotics research that solved this problem for a completely different area; physical robot hands, and show how these learnings are relevant for developers of games and VR applications.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 3

Hands on Funding - best practice, case study and more than money - behind the scenes of developing games in the German capital region

Ina Göring (Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH)
Uta Eberhardt (Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg)
Johannes Kristmann (Maschinen-Mensch)
Riad Djemili (Maschinen-Mensch)
Luckily, Berlin became the home of a a very diverse and vibrant game scene during the past years. With the recent development of free game engines and self-publishing platforms cutting some former significant costs, independent game dev studios are on a new rise. But being too small for most private investors, yet trying to maintain a sustainable business, small and medium sized companies are facing a lot of challenges. Apart from work for hire jobs, public funding can close their financial gap for realizing original projects. Funding by Medienboard and Creative Europe helps companies in the process of turning lots of creative ideas into making games for a living by enabling them to control their content and revenues by owning IPs. This panel will be discussing opportunities and challenges from both perspectives involved: funders and developers.
Biz Panel 04/18/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 7 Classroom

Hey, take care of yourself and don't burn out!

Kai Rosenkranz (Nevigo)
Axel Wegner (-)
So much work! So many challenging things in our creative heads that need to be dealt with. It gets harder and harder to concentrate on a task. The games industry can easily drive us creative folks into a burn-out. The risk is real, and it needs to be addressed. With the help of real-life examples, and guided by a social scientist and professional stress management coach, we're going to shed some light onto the process of burning out, and how we can avoid it. This talk is for everyone interested, not just those with acute peril.
Culture / Science / Education Talk 04/18/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 6

How Deep Learning affects the Gaming Experience

Olivia Klose (Microsoft)
Dr. Marcel Tilly (Microsoft Research)
The creation of machines with human-level intelligence has long been seen as the ultimate ambition of computer science. New developments in machine learning, coupled with exponential growth in both data and processing power, suggest the time may be ripe to take the next steps towards this elusive goal. In this talk, we will go through machine learning and deep learning efforts that can enrich the gaming experience through new interaction models: gestures, speech, vision, semantics. One of the underlying foundations is the Computational Network Toolkit (CNTK) - a unified deep-learning toolkit that describes neural networks as a series of computational steps via a directed graph. CNTK enables more accurate results regarding vision and speech understanding and thus can lead to scenarios that go beyond the classical screen game play, such as augmented reality.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/20/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 5

How eSports is transforming a tv broadcaster

Arnd Benninghoff (MTGx Digital Ventures)
Given the constant growing importance of the eSports phenomenon, traditional TV broadcasters are advised to look into the competitive gaming scene and challenged to adapt their strategies in order to attract a young, digital native audience. With his experience as CEO of MTGx Digital Ventures at MTGx Modern Times Group, chairman of the board at ESL – Turtle Entertainment and former Chief Digital Officer for Digital & Adjacent at ProSiebenSat.1 Media AG, Arnd Benninghoff will deliver an exciting insight into the question of how eSports is transforming a TV broadcaster.
other Talk 04/18/2016 - 1:00pm Channel 5

How to Create Awesome Looking 2D Open-Worlds

Eric Angelillo (Double Stallion Games)
Open-world is often synonymous with 3D, but for smaller productions or for those who want to keep a drawn look, 2D can be an attractive way to go. However, with 2D also comes a host of problems stemming from balancing functionality with visual appeal. The reality is that a 2D open-world, whether top-down or isometric will likely result in the player looking at the floor a lot, and floors can be boring. What if you want to include some sky or a nice horizon in your art? How can you avoid a rigid "tile/grid" look? Can you still throw in a few parallaxing elements? The answers to these questions and more are not always obvious. In this talk, Eric will attempt to help resolve these issues and more by deconstructing and providing examples from his experience art directing on Cartoon Network's OK K.O.! Lakewood Plaza Turbo and from other popular games as well.
Sound / Animation / GFX Talk 04/20/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 6

How to get started in eSports

David Hiltscher (Turtle Entertainment)
This talk outlines feature requirements and strategies to develop an active user base around competitive titles from early in the life cycle to post launch. You learn about tools and best practices to engage early adopters and foster player liquidity even with low concurrent user numbers and budgets, as well as the decision making process of selecting the right multiplayer features to develop, and picking smart parameters for your PVP game mode. To close it out, the talk will show you advanced strategies to increase your esports footprint once the game has launched successfully.
other Talk 04/18/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 5

How we do what we do – 5 lessons learned from the trenches of game development

Matt Firor (ZeniMax Online Studios)
Elder Scrolls Online Game Director and long time industry veteran Matt Firor presents five lessons learned - mostly the hard way - from past projects like Dark Age of Camelot and others. An avid historian, Firor uses historical figures and anecdotes to illustrate his points.
Biz Talk 04/20/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 1

Inclusive Game Development and Design – How We Reflect and Change Culture

Kate Edwards (International Game Developers Association (IGDA))
In the last couple of years, a strong new focus on diversity and inclusion has arisen that challenges the global game industry to change its workforce practices as well as the choices made in game content. Many efforts have emerged and an active dialogue has started that explores what it means to be a diverse industry and how our ability to be inclusive – in both the workforce and in our game content – affects the public and their consumption of our games. Leveraging the IGDA´s annual Developer Satisfaction Survey and other sources, this session will discuss the latest state of diversity in the game industry and explore how inclusive game content can maximize the appeal of our games across demographics and cultures.
Culture / Science / Education Talk 04/19/2016 - 11:00am Channel 4

Instilling a Growth Mindset

Emmi Kuusikko (Microsoft Studios)
“Instilling a Growth Mindset” is about explaining how brains and talent don’t bring success, but actually can stand in its way. In a growth mindset, people believe that their most basic abilities can be developed through dedication and hard work—brains and talent are just the starting point. By fostering a growth mindset organisations can build an environment where everyone can grow and reach new heights in terms of achievement and results. The presentation builds on the work of Carol Dweck, PhD, who is one of the world’s leading researchers in the fields of motivation and success.
Culture / Science / Education Talk 04/19/2016 - 10:00am Channel 1

Interpretable Deep Learning

Dr. Wojciech Samek (Fraunhofer Heinrich Hertz Institute)
Deep neural networks (DNNs) have demonstrated high predictive performance on a number of tasks in the sciences and industry. However, these predictive models often behave as black-boxes, i.e., it is hard to grasp what makes them arrive at a particular decision. On practical problems where a single incorrect prediction can be costly, a simple prediction cannot be trusted by default. Instead, the prediction should be made interpretable to a human expert for careful verification.This talk presents a recently developed technique which allows to visualize and interpret the result of DNN inference. Different applications of this method to computer vision are presented.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 5

Intro to Unreal Engine 4: Building a race game live

Sjoerd de Jong (Epic Games)
During this workshop Sjoerd will build a game live working with existing UE4 templates and freely available Unreal Engine Marketplace assets. By combining simple C++ classes with the power of UE4´s visual scripting language Blueprints, along with features like the material editor and landscape tools, a visually appealing race game will be constructed live and from scratch. Additional topics will touch on the basics of UE4´s physically based material system, lighting and atmosphere, Unreal Motion Graphics, and more. The workshop will wrap up by compiling the game into a distribution ready executable. This workshop assumes prior 3D game development experience, but no knowledge or familiarity with Unreal Engine. It is meant to give the viewer an overview of the various tools found in the Unreal Engine, and the overall process of creating a simple game from scratch all the way up to a distributable executable.
Code / Platforms / Tools Workshop 04/18/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 7 Classroom

Is a $300 marketing budget enough to sell 100 thousand copies of your indie game?

Dominik Gotojuch (Robot Gentleman)
It is not easy to predict how an independently created game will fare. Indie developers may easily fall into a trap of optimism or pessimism and let it influence their game and its release. Although hopes were high for our debut title 60 Seconds!, we were worried that having spent only $300 on marketing we were ill prepared for its release. Little did we know that our creative design and business decisions propelled us much further than we could have anticipated.
Biz Talk 04/18/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 2

King’s Quest – Then and Now

Bill Linn (Sandbox Strategies)
In the early 90s, Bill Linn began his career working as a junior publicist at Sierra On-line. His first assignment was getting publicity for the CDROM version of King’s Quest 5. Fast forward 24 years, and Linn managed the publicity for the return of the King’s Quest franchise. What did he learn about relaunching retro games? What are the pitfalls and challenges of taking one of the industry’s most beloved franchises and presenting it to a whole new audience of gamers.
PR / Marketing / Community Talk 04/19/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 1

Large Scale Machine Learning for Online Services

Dr. Ralf Herbrich (Amazon Development Center Germany GmbH )
Over the past few years, we have entered the world of big and structured data – a trend largely driven by the exponential growth of Internet-based online services such as Search, eCommerce and Social Networking as well as the ubiquity of smart devices with sensors in everyday life. This poses new challenges for statistical inference and decision-making as some of the basic assumptions are shifting including: (1) The ability to store the parameters and data in the cloud, and (2) the level of granularity and ‘building blocks’ in the data modeling phase. In this talk, I will discuss the implications of big and structured data for Statistics and the convergence of statistical model and distributed systems. I will present one of the most versatile modeling techniques that combines systems and statistical properties – factor graphs – and review a series of approximate inference techniques such as distributed message passing. I will also talk about the connection to layered function models known as neural networks. The talk will be interspersed with real-world applications of these techniques in systems such as gamer ranking and matchmaking on Xbox Live (TrueSkill), recommendations and cloud machine learning services (Amazon Machine Learning)./ “TrueSkill is the competitive ranking and matchmaking system used in Halo 3 - player’s skills are the unknown variables learned in real-time from the pairwise or multi-game match outcomes.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 11:00am Channel 5

Learning to Win -- Deep Neural Networks in Games

Dr. Sascha Lange (PSIORI)
Long considered a dead research field, the field of Artificial Neural Networks has been revived by a few clever ideas, causing a real hype ten years later; about Deep Learning but also about Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in general. This talk will not only outline the central ideas behind Deep Learning and the inevitable impact it is going to have on Games, but also detail the reciprocal effect which Electronic Games had on Artificial Intelligence Research; as a constant source of inspiration and also as a controlled test bed for competing with human intelligence.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 10:00am Channel 5

Leveraging eSports as a critical part of your development toolkit

Al Yang (Bigpoint GmbH)
eSports are commonly seen as an afterthought that should only be pursued after a competitive game reaches massive success. However, we believed that having the game played at the highest level during development would not only bolster our development but also viral outreach. This talk focuses on the development of Shards of War as a competitive game and how we integrated eSports as a critical part of the process. We will cover when it made sense to start competitive play, at which level, how we jump started it, and what kind of data we were specifically looking for. These will be detailed out from our first internal company tournament all the way to our Battle of the Shards 2015 finale at Gamescom.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/19/2016 - 10:00am Channel 3

Life is Strange - Dialog

Luc Baghadoust (DONTNOD Entertainment)
Raoul Barbet (DONTNOD Entertainment)
Creating Life is Strange, from production to creative direction… A panel with one of the two game directors and the producer of Life is Strange. The two members of the team will discuss various topics about the game creation, making a small post mortem: beginning of the project, inspirations, episodic format, the difficulties of the production, the feedbacks, the community…
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 1

Master of Orion: Innovating on Innovation

Chris Keeling (Wargaming Labs)
Re-imagining a game known for its innovation in strategy gaming – including spawning an entire genre of 4X space strategy games, most of which are clones of the original – is challenging and fraught with pitfalls. From changes in technology and advances in game design, art, and interface, through the balance between community expectations and hardcore game values, the process is more than just walking a tightrope of design and mechanics. It’s taking ownership of a classic franchise to form a synthesis of all that has gone before to create an entirely new experience that somehow still holds the same place in the hearts of the players, old and new ones alike.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 1

Metafail! How Metacritic is hurting developers and publishers and what can be done about it

Markus Wilding (remote control productions GmbH)
Metacritic, the (in)famous review-aggregating site has been around since 1999, but only after selling the site to CNET (who also owns Gamespot) in 2005 it became the go-to site for anyone who wants to find out how good a game really is, because their system is completely neutral, fair and accurate… or is it? Metacritic has also become a decisive tool for both retailers who want to find out early whether a game will become a commercial success and for publishers who want to see if a developer they’re thinking of signing a deal with has a great track record… but is it really? For better or worse, Metacritic is part of our industry, but even though their system is seriously flawed, there are a number of ways to reduce the impact of a negative Metacritic score. This talk explains how Metacritic works and how and why it has become so successful. The main focus of the session is to detail the many flaws in Metacritic’s system and to point out strategies on how to deal with them.
PR / Marketing / Community Talk 04/20/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 6

Milk the Cow: How to Pitch your Game from an investor's perspective

Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)
Travis Winstanley (Kuju Startups)
Lawrence Barclay (DN Capital)
Arto Käyhkö (Pollen VC)
Thierry Baujard (Media Deals)
Four of the most exciting investors answer all your questions on how to pitch your game and make the most out of it!
Biz Panel 04/20/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 2

Moving beyond stereotypes - how diverse is today's games industry?

Eric Jannot (waza! Games)
Alexander Pieper (Studio Fizbin)
Kate Edwards (International Game Developers Association (IGDA))
Aruba Events (Aruba Events)
Sabine Hahn (Trainer & Business Coach)
More diverse teams have been found by research to be more productive and happy. Hence workforce diversity has become a hot topic, not only, but as well within the gaming space. The panel wants to examine various diversity factors such as for example gender, cultural background and age and their current status quo within the games industry. All panelist are very knowledgeable as well as dedicated with regards to workforce diversity and they look forward to be discussing the subject with the audience.
Culture / Science / Education Panel 04/20/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 6

Necessary Steps to Successfully Publish Your Game

Steve Escalante (Versus Evil)
In this session seasoned industry veteran Steve Escalante walks attendees through the indie publishing process from crowd funding and Early Access to community engagement and working with influencers.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 3

New Territories: Self-Publishers' Guide to Entering New Smaller Markets

Tugbek Olek (Setimedia)
How to tap smaller markets, find new audiances and make big money out of them. Step by step guide to international self publishing. Department structures, investment amounts, milestones, HR strategies.
Biz Talk 04/18/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 6

Off the record – Strategic advantages by legal insights / let the lawyers inspire you and your business

Konstantin Ewald ( Osborne Clarke)
Dr. Claas Oehler (Ihde & Partner)
Carolin Gäthke (InnoGames)
Tobias Haar, LL.M., MBA (Gameforge Group)
Panel Discussion about Safe Harbor, Age Rating, Geoblocking, Keyselling, Consumer Rights…: Get up to speed with current legal developments affecting the industry, and get inspired by attorneys' creative take on legal, regulatory and commercial challenges, and how to master them.
Legal Panel 04/19/2016 - 11:00am Channel 7 Classroom

Pitching 101 - experiences & best-practices

Michael Schade (ROCKFISH Games GmbH)
Reinhard Döpfer (Kalypso Media GmbH)
Publisher and Developer: Reinhard and Michael talk about dos and don’ts in pitching your game [from a different point of view]
Biz Panel 04/19/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 4

Play The News – And Learn To Prototype Faster Than The Speed Of Light

Marcus Bösch (the Good Evil GmbH)
Linda Kruse (the Good Evil GmbH)
Nothing is faster than Breaking News. What can Game Designers learn from that? And how can they use their knowledge to enhance the broken media business? The Good Evil Game Studio is Germany´s forerunner when it comes to Newsgames. The studio has not only created Germany´s first Newsgame Prism - Play the NSA, but has organized Europe´s first Newsgames Hackathon, has run workshops on the topic at various occasions and gathtered experience designing games for public broadcasters like the ARD or the infamous ZDF Heute Show. Linda and Marcus want to show you what it takes do design a newsgame and prototype it in a very short amount of time. The workshop will let you explore the world of news as a powerful place to tell stories and play the system, a place to use game mechanics at their best.
Culture / Science / Education Workshop 04/19/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 6

Pricing IAPs to maximise revenue worldwide

Stephen Lindsay (ixty)
Mobile games developers would like to find a way to discover and set, revenue maximising, optimal prices for IAPs across the various countries of the world. Ixty has built a cost effective automated solution for this problem, and initial results have seen 15-20% added to developers’ top line revenue. IAPs are made affordable, increasing conversion rates, and prices are dynamically optimised to maximise income in 64 territories. The most dramatic uplift is usually seen in low income economies. You wouldn´t spend a whole day´s salary on an IAP, so why expect someone in India to?
Biz Talk 04/20/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 2

Prototyping Doesn’t Work (The Way You Might Think)

Rob Davis (Playniac)
Playniac spent a year prototyping their new game, Insane Robots, and another year developing it. But what is great in a prototype might not work in the actual game. Worse still, your prototype might actually prevent you from spotting important design opportunities. Using examples from real-world productions and quotes from industry experts, this talk shows how to handle the “phase change” from prototype to actual game, spot prototyping issues and fix your prototyping process, giving you useful tools for your own games.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/19/2016 - 10:00am Channel 2

Public Funding possibilities in Germany – bureaucratic obstacles or chances?

Stephanie Lang (BIU - Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware e.V.)
Financing possibilities in Germany and furthermore dos and don´ts for your next application.
Biz Talk 04/18/2016 - 1:00pm Channel 7 Classroom

Ready, Set, Go: How to create agile teams and foster the culture of excellence while developing games

Prof. Sabrina Carmona (-)
As we know, the Game Industry is one of the richest culturally and possesses different flavours of talent and personalities. The question is: in order to ship a successful game, it takes more than talent and knowledge - it takes a team that fits together and knows how to go through the whole process. This talk focuses on sharing experiences with different cultures, settings and premises, and some tips on which process fits which culture or project, and how to maintain harmony and the process going when passing through the different phases of production.
Culture / Science / Education Talk 04/19/2016 - 11:00am Channel 3

Real Artists Ship: Tips for Getting Your Game Out There

Jesse Freeman (Amazon)
We´ve all been there, the last 10% of any project is the hardest part! Tom Cargill said "The first 90 percent of the code accounts for the first 90 percent of the development time. The remaining 10 percent of the code accounts for the other 90 percent of the development time". When making games it can sometimes feel like your project will take 180% to complete. The end is a struggle but it doesn´t always have to be. This talk focuses on techniques to keep you motivated, focused and above all else get you to ship your game! We´ll dig deep into the creative process, the struggles of building something from scratch, how to leverage your strongest skill sets and when to get help where you need it. The final stages of shipping a game is more than just fixing bugs, it involves perseverance, determination and a vision. The hope is that you find ways to motivate and reinforce these traits for finishing your next game from this talk. In the words of Steve Jobs, "real artists ship!”
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 4

Retention or revenue? How to have it all in F2P

Mark Robinson (deltaDNA)
F2P will account for 59% of $91.5 billion global game revenues in 2015. For many, however, it’s a huge challenge to claim a share of the wealth, especially if it feels like game enjoyment is to be sacrificed. Great games often fail due to poor execution of engagement and monetization strategies. Discover the practical steps, with real case studies, to unlock your game potential. Find out how to use insight to design player-centric Ad and IAP monetization strategies that engage your players.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 2

Running a Successful Business on Google Play

Sure, we all want to make the next great app masterpiece. But we also want to feed our families and/or dogs. Come join the Google Play team as they give you some key pointers on how to make sure you're best taking advantage of Google Play and running a successful app business.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/20/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 6

Signs of Disruption: or how I learned to stop worrying and love uncertainty

Andrew Spearin (New World Interactive)
How can we identify trends in design, business, and technology that are considered disruptive to established methods? Andrew Spearin, co-founder and creative director of the Indie shooter Insurgency, evaluates four signs that today's Indie games are influencing an era for the games industry equivalent to the New Hollywood movement for the film business in the 1960's.
Biz Talk 04/18/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 1

Single Player eSports

Mikael Haveri (HOUSEMARQUE)
How the arcades used to be the peak of competitive gaming in 80´s and how that could translate to a much more broad eSports scene now. A glimpse into the mysterious "Jarvis Project" and how Housemarque is looking to widen eSports and bring back the spirit of arcades.
other Talk 04/18/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 5

Sports marketing and sponsor acquisition – how eSports can profit from established structures

Stefan Schuster (mm sports)
Felix Welling (VFL Wolfsburg)
Christian Kresse (ENPE Media Agency)
Arne Peters (ESL - Turtle Entertainment)
Jan-Hendrik Heuschkel (Freaks 4U Gaming)
Dr. Maximilian Schenk (BIU - Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware e.V)
Companies outside of the IT world are becoming more and more aware of the global phenomenon that is eSports. How are global organizations reacting to the success of eSports in terms of potential investments? How can eSports publishers and league operators attract a more diverse field of sponsors? These questions and more will be discussed in this panel, featuring marketing professionals and key players from the classic sports world. Moderation: Dr. Maximilian Schenk (BIU)
PR / Marketing / Community Panel 04/18/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 5

State of the Industry

Christopher Schmitz (Square Enix IO-Interactive)
Kate Edwards (International Game Developers Association (IGDA))
Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames)
Eva Gaspar (Abylight)
Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)
The barriers to entry keep going down, and yet the barrier to success is higher than it has ever been! This session will explore the challenges and issues that are holding you back from succeeding in the business of games. Expect sparks to fly and topics covered to set the tone for the rest of the week.
Biz Panel 04/18/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 1

State of the Mobile Ecosystem

Greg Essig (Mobcrush)
Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames)
Dean Takahashi (VentureBeat)
This session will discuss the state of the mobile ecosystem. Which platforms and business models are proving worthwhile, how to cope with the awareness economy and market saturation in 2016. Where do the markets move? What to expect of curation, and how did the audience/user/customer/community-relationships change - and where are they moving towards? These are just some questions which will be adressed in an all expert discussion.
Biz Panel 04/20/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 2

Supreme Court decisions on online games in 2016/2017

Marian Härtel (Law Office of Marian Härtel)
Legal aspects of online games have reached the Supreme Court. These cover urgent questions of contractual obligations for online games, inclusion of terms of services with retails games, fair use of online games and various legal aspects of developing and promoting third party software for computer games. The speech will cover actual cases, elaborate on the various arguments of the involved parties and the courts and will try to give a glimpse on the likelyhood of the supreme court decisions, the effect on the gaming industry as well as the European relevance.
Legal Talk 04/20/2016 - 10:00am Channel 3

Taking Serious Games Seriously

Philip Reisberger (Fitolution)
Benjamin Föckersperger (GAMIFY now!)
Rob Davis (Playniac)
Roger ter Heide (ImproVive)
How can game developers earn serious money with applied games? Why are other industries now turning to game developers to develop the next hot product? Serious games are no longer just for business consultants that want to be creative. Serious games are leading to serious products sold for a mass market in different business domains. Join us and hear what´s happening in Germany, Holland and the UK, and what our panel expects to be the next opportunities for developers in this market space.
Biz Panel 04/18/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 3

Tales from the Darkside: Sneaky Tactics Developers Have Used to Gain Appstore Rank

Peter Heinrich (Amazon)
It´s a crowded marketplace, so how do you make your app successful when others have more money to spend on development and marketing? Unfortunately, some developers believe the easiest path is the best, even if it isn't ethical (or even legal). As an app publisher, Amazon deals with a constant barrage of fraud attempts, from simple misleading artwork or app descriptions to actual IP theft and pirated executables. It's a resource-intensive process to screen these submissions, and not guaranteed to be 100% successful. False positives are also known to occur. This session will highlight some specific experiences with particularly egregious "bad actors"; describe questionable behaviors that might get a legitimate developer flagged for extended review; and provide tips and best practices to prevent fraud from jeopardizing the revenue and reputation of the "good guys." We´ll also offer some suggestions on how best to achieve the results developers really want (more downloads, good reviews, high monetization), in the ways we've found most effective for our top-grossing developers. All without sacrificing their integrity.
Biz Talk 04/18/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 3

The "Need for Speed" Culture of Ideas

Henrik Jonsson (Ghost Games (An EA Studio))
What steps can the indie developer take to create better games in less time? How can a large AAA studio embrace a fast paced Culture of Ideas? Everyone in the Game Industry has ideas but how can we separate the Good from the Bad fast enough? Embracing a Culture of Ideas, together with Massive Prototyping, will help your upcoming game projects become even more successful. Henrik Jonsson, of Ghost Games in Sweden, will present the Need for Speed Culture of Ideas, the process that is currently used to build the Future of Need for Speed.
other Talk 04/20/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 3

The business and design of Virtual Reality as of today

Avni Yerli (Crytek)
Lukasz Hacura (Anshar Studios)
Thomas Bedenk (Exozet Berlin GmbH)
Prof. Odile Limpach (SpielFabrique)
Michael Liebe (International Games Week Berlin)
This session will discuss experiences and assessments of the business reality of VR as of today. Since this cannot be discussed without examining the current state in establishing new standards in soft- and hardware-development which are needed for sustainable VR business, you can look forward to an open exchange on the many faces to take into account in VR as of today!
Biz Panel 04/20/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 3

The Damned Appstore

Teut Weidemann (Online Entertainment)
This talk focuses on misconceptions about the App Store and its problems and will help preventing mistakes many mobile developers do from he start of their projects. It covers topics about genre, setting, kpi, user acquisition and shares interesting facts not published in the internet.
Biz Talk 04/18/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 1

The Future of Storytelling

Falko Löffler (Freelance Writer)
Martin Ganteföhr (Interactive Writer & Designer)
"The Future of Storytelling" tries something that's never working: predict the future. But storytelling itself does the same. All the time. So let's specualate how games and their stories could evolve.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 4

The importance of the first 10 game sessions

Jonas Walkenbach (InnoGames GmbH)
User acquisition cost is one of the most important topics in the competitive online gaming industry. Therefore, the key to market success is increasing user retention by understanding players’ behavior. This talk presents exciting findings of a large scale analysis, in which 5.2 million early game sessions of all InnoGames’ titles have been investigated in terms of playtime, churn, monetization, as well as differences between browser and mobile games. The results reveal the major importance of the first game sessions for the success of a game in the free-to-play market.
Biz Talk 04/20/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 2

The Last Tinker: Post Mortem

Johannes Roth (Mimimi Productions)
Everyone claimed that developing and releasing The Last Tinker: City of Colors was impossible, especially for a newcomer team. Yet, we still managed to do it -- on time, on budget, on quality. Or did we? Because, let me tell you something: many things went wrong ...
Biz Talk 04/18/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 2

The Mystery behind games industry events - why events are important for your marketing & communication plan

Frank Sliwka (International Business Media Pte. Ltd.)
The talk gives an global and deep overview about business backgrounds of B2C and B2B events related to the games industry. The games industry´s business is changing and the challenge for event organizers is to follow that development and offer marketing, communication, sales and networking opportunities which are fits to the industry´s challenge. Games Industry Marketing Managers have to find the best opportunities to present games and figure out what are the best events from the thousands of thousands of events they can chose.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 10:00am Channel 4

The procedural art of Curious Expedition

Johannes Kristmann (Maschinen-Mensch)
Working with a tiny team on a procedural game can be a daunting task. In this talk I’ll show you our approach to the art for our game “The Curious Expedition” and how we used simple tricks to generate a large amount of content and background images.
Sound / Animation / GFX Talk 04/20/2016 - 10:00am Channel 6

The Quest for the Holodeck: Past, present, and future of Virtual Reality

Marc Erich Latoschik (Würzburg University)
"The Quest for the Holodeck“ takes us on a tour which highlights the genesis and potential future of Virtual Reality (VR), the number one topic of computer entertainment and serious applications currently gaining a large momentum. We will have a look at the close interaction between literature, film, and the sciences which shaped our current idea and understanding of VR, and the ups and downs this field underwent from its birth to the so-called VR winter to todays high promises, hopes, and publicity. Past, current, and future conceptual and technological challenges will be introduced along the way and we will see the close relation VR had and has to computer gaming. We will also look at some of the major potential, obstacles, and risks on our route to the so-called holodeck, a well-known science fiction incarnation of Ivan Sutherland's "ultimate display" (1965), a fictitious room where the computer can control the existence of matter to literally open up the wonderland into which Alice walked.
Culture / Science / Education Talk 04/19/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 3

The Six Golden rules of Level Design

Pascal Luban (The Game Design Studio)
Level design remains a key dimension of great games. Discover the rules that you must bear in mind when planning your level design.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/18/2016 - 1:00pm Channel 2

The Solus Project: Creating and publishing a large indie game on a minimum budget with Unreal Engine 4

Sjoerd de Jong (Epic Games)
Sjoerd De Jong, creator of the PC/Xbox One Unreal Engine 4 game The Solus Project talks about developing a large and visually complex indie game on a minimum budget using Unreal Engine 4, followed by a look at how we are going about the marketing along with how our sales are doing.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 3

The Value of IP: The Key to Success or the Straw that breaks the Camel's Back

Simon Usiskin (iQU Group)
The quality and success of a well known IP can vary from a positive extreme to a negative one, showing that a successful IP in one medium does not guarantee the same in another. In order to make the most out of an IP it is important to approach new mediums in parallel so that projects are created to enhance each other in terms of creative output as well as cross-marketing support. This session explores the creative, financial and logistical pitfalls as well as benefits in working with existing IP.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 2

Trends In Game Mining: An Overview from Pure Telemetry Analysis to Deep Learning

Rafet Sifa (Fraunhofer-Institut für Intelligente Analyse- und Informationssysteme IAIS)
Understanding player behavior using data science tools has become a vital step in today’s agile game development cycle. Feedback received from such tools help developers and studios take immediate action to increase retention and monetization rates. Due to the tremendous growth in the size of game telemetry data and the level of complexity in player-game interactions, we require scalable, reliable and interpretable data analysis methods. In this talk we will give a use-case based overview of the challenges and the latest methodological trends in game mining putting emphasis on the role of classes of learning systems used and representation learning methods such as Deep Learning and Matrix Factorization in solving game business intelligence problems.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 12:00pm Channel 5

Twitch Performance & Analytics - How to Survive in the Age of Live Streaming

Marc Fühnen (Loots)
This session aims "explain" Twitch and the Streamers that power it as a platform, by delving deep into analytics. (We have developed an analytics tool that´s currently in closed beta, als stats are drawn from there.) The talk will address questions such as: Why some games are more successful than others? What differentiates successful streamers from others? What are emerging trends? How do influencers make money?
PR / Marketing / Community Talk 04/18/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 4

Understanding Text with Deep Machine Learning

Sebastian Arnold (Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin)
Prof. Dr. Alexander Löser (Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin)
A large number of people in the gaming community use written language to express sentiments and facts about players, walk-troughs, hints and new games. However, reading this text using machines and learn about gamers' demands is a difficult problem. In our talk we present deep machine learning techniques for understanding these semantics. For example, we introduce the DATEXIS Adaptive Entity Linking project where we utilize neural networks to extract structured data from domain-specific texts. We also demonstrate our research prototypes for market research, such as extraction-as-you-type, interactive review analysis and automatic generation of rare domain dictionaries. Finally, we give some insights into the scientific background and nuts and bolts we discovered when executing these algorithms efficiently on CUDA graphic cards.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 5

Understanding the differences between Eastern & Western storytelling

Meric Eryurek (GL Events / GIST Gaming Istanbul)
Meric Eryürek is one of the faces of the Turkish games industry: As a published novellist and known as "the person who wrote the Turkish equivalent of ´Jurassic Park´", he lectures narrative techniques to BA & MA students at Izmir university. As organizer of GIST Gaming Istanbul, he created a platform where Turkish developers can represent themselves to the world. - In his talk, he´ll give an overview on what game designers need to take into account to make stories work overcoming cultural borders and how to build a bridge between Western & Eastern storytelling tradition & 21st century gaming.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 11:00am Channel 4

Unity & VR - Best Practices for Designing VR Experiences

Andy Touch (Unity Technologies)
We are all entering a new age of digital content being experienced through Virtual Reality. But how do we design for this new and constantly evolving platform? Andy will explain, and demonstrate using the Unity Engine, several key areas & workflows of game-development that need to be adapted, or in some instances completely changed, for a better virtual reality experience!
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/19/2016 - 11:00am Channel 6

Unravel - Looking back and forward

Martin Sahlin (Coldwood Interactive)
A retrospective of Unravel, how and why it was made, what inspired it, what we hoped to accomplish with it, and a glimpse into all the chaos and cool stuff that happened along the way. Also, some thoughts about the art of making games, a reflection on the power of empathy as a game mechanic, and the importance of trying to be a part of a solution instead of part of a problem.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/19/2016 - 4:00pm Channel 1

Video Presentation - Beep: A Documentary History Of Game Sound

Karen Collins (Games Institute at University of Waterloo, Canada)
Beep is a documentary history of game sound from the Victorian arcades through to today, with a special focus on video game sound, but also including mechanical games and pinball. Beep was filmed at GameSoundCon (Los Angeles); Distant Worlds (Toronto); MAGfest (Washington); AES for Games (London); Game Developers' Conference (San Francisco, March 2015), Seattle, Vancouver, Montreal and Tokyo.
Sound / Animation / GFX other 04/18/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 1

VR Motion Sickness… unheard

Michael Hug (TON & SPOT audiodesign)
One of the main obstacles of getting VR games accepted by players in significant numbers is the experience of motion sickness while playing the game due to sensory discrepancy in vision vs. body movement. While some technical and visual enhancements have already reduced the problem it is still present in a way which might prohibit the large scale breakthrough of VR. This talk will present the current state of the thesis in research (in cooperation with Mediadesign university of applied sciences, Berlin) exploring the possible reduction of motion sickness through incorporation of 3D audio and psychoacoustic movement simulation.
Sound / Animation / GFX Talk 04/19/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 3

What are they really talking about? An overview of the video game media landscapes

Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners)
This session is a general presentation of the video media landscapes, from a data perspective. Which media are talkign about vide games, at which frequency, which topics are hot, which events generate the most coverage, and very importantly, what are the difference from one country to another in regards to those topics. This is a unique opportunity to see how media are covering video games beyond the headlines and through real data.
PR / Marketing / Community Talk 04/18/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 2

What happened to other digital media will happen to games

Jiri Kupiainen (Matchmade)
To understand how and why the games industry and games business models are changing, we need to look at how other digital medias have evolved over time. And to really understand what's happening, we need to look at games not as one media format, but a multitude of different overlapping and similar medias.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 2

What's a Platform to You?

Dr. Jendrik Johannes (InnoGames GmbH)
In game development, we always talk about platforms. Developers talk about platforms, business people talk about platforms… everyone talks about platforms. "Platform" became a buzzword with many different meanings. Sometimes it has a positive context expressed by the idea of "a platform we can build on". Yet this isn’t the case for mobile development as it often has a negative connotation, with many focusing on the "different platforms we need to address". In this talk, I want to unravel the jungle of platform terminology in mobile game projects. I will do that by analyzing concrete examples from two projects I worked on at InnoGames that used different technologies.
Code / Platforms / Tools Talk 04/18/2016 - 3:00pm Channel 4

Where are the Blue Oceans of Mobile Gaming?

Arthur Chow (6waves)
It was estimated that the mobile gaming revenues totaled close to $25 billion in 2014, with Asia at 55% representing the largest market. Most mobile games developers will focus in the top 3 Asian markets, being China, Japan and Korea. While these markets are big, they are also very competitive. What a lot of developers have missed out are actually Taiwan and Hong Kong markets. These are actually quite big in terms of revenue size, with Taiwan being Top 4 in the world while Hong Kong being Top 8 on Google Play revenue (source: Newzoo). With the right localization and local support, developers may be surprised to see the return they get out of Taiwan and Hong Kong may be even more attractive than the Big 3. This talk will focus on explaining why Taiwan and Hong Kong are markets that all games developers should consider, together with some hints and pointers on increasing the chance of launching a successful game in these regions with real case studies.
Biz Talk 04/20/2016 - 2:00pm Channel 2

Why MDA needs to become DDE

Wolfgang Walk (Grumpy Old Men)
It’s time to talk about the MDA framework. Not because it’s useless, but because not talking about it prevents it from becoming the fertile tool it could be – though it could also use a new name: Design - Dynamics - Experience. Short: DDE. The MDA model now is more than 11 years old and its achievements are massive. But there are also problems with the MDA model we need to adress, and this talk will make the case for some necessary enhancements with special regard to production processes and narrative design of games.
Game Design / Story Talk 04/20/2016 - 10:00am Channel 4

Wins, fails and learnings from our first year in Europe

David Mohr (GAMEVIL Europe GmbH)
Nicole DeMeo (glispa)
Michael Liebe (International Games Week Berlin)
This panel discusses the various aspects to take into account when entering the European markets and esatblishing a structure here, resp. in Berlin.
PR / Marketing / Community Panel 04/18/2016 - 1:00pm Channel 1

[Cancelled] Neural Turing Machines

Ulf Schöneberg (The unbelievable Machine Company GmbH)
DeepMind has extended recurrent neural networks (RNNs) with the ability to access memory like a Turing machine. A traditional RNN is already Turing complete. The combination makes it even more competent. It is an excellent sequence learner and also capable of deriving complex algorithms like sorting or copying. The implications for game AIs are numerous. This talk will give an introduction to RNNs, Turing machines and reinforcement learning.
Culture / Science / Education Talk 04/20/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 5

“The Lion’s Song" – From an idea to a commercial product

Gregor Eigner (Mipumi Games)
Stefan Srb (Mipumi Games)
"The Lion’s Song – From an idea to a commercial product" - will explain in detail the work as well as the decisions made to give birth to a new project, from the first idea during a Game Jam weekend to a full production title greenlit by the Steam Community.
Biz Talk 04/19/2016 - 5:00pm Channel 4

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