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Yes, we are platform agnostic!

Greg Richardson (Rumble Entertainment)
<p>Why cross platform gaming could be the next big thing. With an increased focus on mobile platforms, developers, publishers and service providers are now transferring their successful business models from social media platforms, browsers and gaming-clients to smartphones, phablets and...
Biz Development Talk

World Building: 10 “Do”s and 10 “Don’t”s

Dr. Fasih Sayin (Crytek)
<p>Worldbuilding&nbsp;is the process of constructing an&nbsp;<a href="" title="Imaginary world">imaginary world</a>, sometimes associated with a whole&nbsp;<a href="
Creative Talk

Why PR is dead simple (if you're clever)

Gunnar Lott (Visibility Communications)
Carolin Stephan (Visibility Communications)
<p>Don&#39;t believe anyone telling you that PR is a complicated thing and best left to experts. Good PR comes easy, if you have interesting things to tell -- and follow a few simple rules in telling them. Gunnar Lott, PR specialist, podcaster, author and journalist, explores the secrets...
Communications Talk

What happens after the jam

Kristina Rothe (Microsoft)
Have you ever taken part in a game jam? Or created a little game prototype at school or university? There are countless opportunities to bring little game ideas to life, but what happens after the gamejam or semester is over? Let’s consider taking the prototype to the next level and releasing it to...
Biz Development Talk

Welcome Speeches and Political Keynotes

Björn Böhning (Senatskanzlei Berlin)
Brigitte Zypries (Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Energie)
Elmar Giglinger (Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg)
Michael Liebe (International Games Week Berlin)
Stephan Reichart (Aruba Events GmbH)
Thorsten S. Wiedemann (A MAZE. GmbH)
Andreas Lange (Computerspielemuseum)
Heiko Klinge (Webedia Gaming)
Andrea Peters ( berlinbrandenburg e.V.)
Fumiko Lipp (PULS / Bayerischer Rundfunk)
At the first part of the Opening Summit Björn Böhning, the Senate Chancellery of Berlin, will welcome the guests of the International Games Week Berlin and talks about Berlin as the business location for Games in Germany. Followed by Brigitte Zypries the Parliamentary State Secretary at the Federal...
Biz Development Panel

Video Games in MENA: where Cultural Heritage meets Game Business

Susan Tackenberg (Susan Tackenberg Media & Communications Consultant)
Ryan Riegg (Na3m Games LLC)
Ahmed Alsafar (Play 3arabi)
Abdullah Hamed (GameTako)
Caglar Eger (Goodgame Studios )
The MENA region is populated by people who are hugely enthusiastic about playing games, especially online. There are over 90 Million internet users in the Middle East alone, but only a handful of companies based in the region who are actually involved in making games. What are the reasons behind...
Biz Development Panel

UX testing on a budget (10:00-12:45)

Jochen Peketz (Blue Byte GmbH)
<p>Jochen is going to take you on a small trip through user testing. In a condensed session you are going to learn, try and feel how UX can be improved with the help of User testing. 3 parts are going to prepare you for testing on a budget. Part one will be a short overview how to do user...
Game Design Workshop

User acquisition costs on the rise – control your cost position

Alexander Piutti (GameGenetics GmbH)
<p>The competition for gamers is on: The iOS App Store offers more than 140.000 games, and the amount of MMOs and browser games available for free is staggering. Getting noticed in this increasingly competitive marketplace is a challenge for indie developers and big publishers alike. With...
Biz Development Talk

Unity 5 - What News is There For You

Oleg Pridiuk (Unity Technologies)
<p>Unity 5 has just been announced and with it, a long list of new and improved features. We'll talk about internal engine changes and new shiny features, explain the groundbreaking ones and discuss the future of Unity in general.</p>
Tech Talk

Understanding Volumetric Effects

Prof. Dr. Christof Rezk-Salama (Trier University of Applied Sciences, GERMANY)
<p>Most 3D graphics used in computer games are polygon-based. This talk gives an introduction to volume effects, which use different physical models of light transport compared to surface rendering. Volumetric effects account for light travelling in participating media, such as smoke, fog and...
Tech Talk

The Third Generation of Mobile Games: The Network Is The Game

Robert Tercek (Milestone Entertainment)
In the near future, mobile games will expand beyond the confines of the phone to connect with the world around us. This talk will illustrate how recent advances in smart devices will expand the canvas for game design massively. During the past 15 years, mobile phones have evolved rapidly, from...
Biz Development Talk

The Strike Suit Zero story, from nothing to next-gen and beyond

James Brooksby (Born Ready Games)
James will talk about the start of Born Ready Games, where they came from 2 years ago and how they did a management buy-out. He will then move on to why Strike Suit Zero came about and how key decisions were made on its design. He will talk about the release, marketing and then the updates and...
Biz Development Talk

The state of crowdfunding for games

Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners)
<p>In February 2012, Double Fine redefined the game industry expectations in regards to the ways you can finance your game. 2 years later, Thomas will be offering a global picture of how Kickstarter has influenced game financing, and whether or not the window of opportunity is still there -...
Biz Development Talk

The Security Game - How to protect your crown jewels

Cornelia Schildt (eco - Association of the German Internet Industry)
Intruders are everywhere, even in the real world of your desktop. Stolen data, hacked systems or breached information will lower your productivity, endangered release dates and diminish the trust of your consumers seriously - Your whole business is at the stake! The talk helps you to identify...
Biz Development Talk

The Italian Gaming Industry at a Glance: Five case studies

Dr. Michele Sasso (48h Studio)
Dr. Elisa Di Lorenzo (FoofaStudios)
Dr. Matteo Lana (Tiny Bull Studios)
Alessandro Mazzega (Forge Reply )
An overview of the Italian Game Industry at a glance. Four Italian developers show their projects and talk about challenges of carrying on this business in Italy. Forge Reply - Joe Dever's Lone Wolf Foofa Studios - Loading human (The VR adventure) 48h Studios - Exgenesis Tiny Bull Studios...
Biz Development Panel

The importance of luck

Hendrik Lesser (remote control productions)
Thomas Bidaux (ICO Partners)
Dr. Florian Stadlbauer (Deck13 Interactive GmbH)
What role is luck playing in a game's success or failure? Hendrik will try to give an answer to this fundamental question and will talk about "The importance of luck" - why passion and hard work in game development is important but luck even more. Good luck is always an important...
Culture Panel

The Human Brain is the Platform

Hilmar Veigar Pétursson will discuss how today's technology advances lead to the ascendance of the mind as the preeminent gaming platform. He treats the audience to a revealing examination of how perceptions of reality have changed over time, and how new technology blurs the lines between what...
Biz Development Talk

The Hard Core of Game Design

Dr. Stefan Blanck (Chromatrix GmbH)
<p>No matter how complex and manifold the design of a computergame looks like: Tap off all the glitter and numerous features and take care of the essential design elements first. Break down your ideas, simplify them as much as possible until you reveal the repetitive game mechanics which make...
Game Design Talk

The Great Divide: Successful Games PR in Europe vs. US

Alexa Mann (InnoGames)
Dennis Heinert (InnoGames)
Dennis Heinert (Head of PR) and Alexa Mann (International PR Manager) of InnoGames share their experience creating a global brand for the developer and publisher via PR. With the help of local agencies, the two contributed to the international coverage the company has today, and learned many things...
Communications Talk

The Future of F2P – a fireside chat with Kabam’s Andrew Sheppard

Andrew Sheppard (Gree)
Gunnar Lott (Visibility Communications)
Kabam, the leader in the western world for free-to-play (F2P) core games has grown from a 30-person operation to more than 650 employees in less than four years and has had record growth more than doubling year-over-year gross revenue in 2013. In this fireside chat, Kabam’s Studio President Andrew...
Biz Development Talk

The Dead is Rising Again! or: The Specifics of the German Rating System

Prof. Markus Wiemker (media Akademie - Hochschule Stuttgart (mAHS), University of Applied Sciences )
<p>Regular there are popular, sometimes commercially also very successful games, which are the focus of a critical discussion about possible harmful content for minors in digital games. These games are often used as examples for the negative impact of the gaming industry, such as in the case...
Legal Talk

The changing design requirements of casual, FTP and mobile games

Bob Bates (Independent Consultant)
<p>Remember&nbsp;fun?&nbsp; Designers used to think about fun all the time.&nbsp; Now we worry about things like Monetization,&nbsp;ARPU,&nbsp;Virality, A/B testing, and how to be more visible on the App Store.</p> <p>But fun must still be at the&nbsp;...
Game Design Talk

The Board Game Renaissance: Buried Treasure and Chainsaw Warriors

Dr. Tomas Rawlings (Auroch Digital)
<p>With over 370 apps per day now being released, how can an indie developer stand out from the crowd? One approach is to re-invigorate an older IP, which is the route taken by Auroch Digital who recently relaunched Games Workshop's classic 1987 solo-boardgame 'Chainsaw Warrior...
Culture Talk

The 5 Mortal Sins of Launching an Online Game

Michalina Kiera (SoftLayer, an IBM Company)
Jendrik Pösche (kuuluu interactive entertainment AG)
<p>Developing and launching a game in general is not an easy task. It takes a lot of time, a lot of people, a lot of planning and a lot of assumptions. On top of those operational challenges, the social gaming market is a jungle where “survival of the fittest” is a very real. An army of...
Tech Talk

Terms & Conditions of Online Games according to German Customers law – The Blizzard Cases

Dominik Büttner (Kanzlei Dr. Behrmann & Härtel)
<p>The session will give a short overview of the strict German regulations of the use of Terms &amp; Conditions in contracts with Customers (what is based on the German Customers law) using the example of the current jurisdiction of German courts about Terms &amp; Conditions in Online...
Legal Talk

Tackling the Turkish F2P Market

Mario Baumann (UOL BoaCompra)
<p>The Turkish economy has shown remarkable performance with its steady growth over the last eight years and is now recognized as a booming emerging market within the games industry. The market is dominated by PC games, particularly free-to-play models and MMO’s. Access to broadband...
Biz Development Talk

Successful Entertainment - the Finnish Story

Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky)
Matias Myllyrinne (Remedy Entertainment)
Mika Kuusisto (Unity Technologies)
Vlad Micu (Data Realms)
Culture Panel

Sound matters... even more

Michael Hug (TON & SPOT audiodesign)
<p>You know it: Your game needs sound! Everybody knows that, right? But do you really KNOW? And why? Furthermore: Why bother beyond bare minimum when most users of your smashing f2p-title mute the sound anyway?... We'll covers various aspects of sound design with a strong focus on user...
Creative Talk

Smash Hits of Unfair Marketing or What I should not do when marketing my Game

Kai Bodensiek (Brehm & v. Moers)
<p>The games industry's evolution has made games available everywhere, using every display method and hardware. App stores are bursting and publishers and developers are competing for customer awareness. Not only have the major publishers with their large marketing departments but also...
Legal Talk

SIT: Sparking game design innovation

Guy Ulmer (GameIS)
Are some people just born creative thinkers while others are not? Or perhaps creativity can be thought and practiced? Can you easily cheat your way to unlimited ammo of game design ideas? This talk will discuss the topic of systematic inventive thinking and provide the audience with an easy set of...
Game Design Talk

SEX and TANKS from RUSSIA: what Berlin "should" know about and studios

Yoanna Gouchtchina (ZeeRabbit)
Olga Kandaritskay (Pixonic)
Natalia Matveeva (Realore)
Ivan P. Yamshchikov (Yandex)
Daria Batukhtina (Freelancer)
Culture Talk

Seven pitfalls in international licensing and publishing agreements

Dr. Christian Rauda (GRAEF Rechtsanwälte)
Developers very often underestimate the economic relevance of "innocent" looking clauses in publishing agreements. The session highlights seven common pitfalls developers are confronted with. The talk provides concrete advice how to avoid those pitfalls.
Legal Talk

Serious Fun. How to publish a Mobile English Learning Adventure For Kids

Linda Kruse (the Good Evil GmbH)
Marcus Bösch (the Good Evil GmbH)
<p>Serious Games - that sounds boring and well, serious. After roundabout 30 years of academic and pedagogical approaches young game designers and independent studios are entering the ring, presenting their ideas of how to put the fun of playing into learning. 

</p> <p>After a...
Game Design Talk

ROI-Positive and Re-Engagement Mobile Advertising Campaigns

Konstantin Dieterle (AppLift)
ROI-Positive and Re-Engagement Mobile Advertising Campaigns In this presentation, we share some of the experiences and insights we have gained along the way marketing F2P mobile games. 1) Tracking installs and in-game post install events 2) App Store Optimization, how to make the charts 3...
Biz Development Talk

Quo Vadis User Acquisition?

Patrick Rau (kunst-stoff GmbH)
Simon Usiskin (iQU)
Stephan Stricker (ad2games)
Joel Berger (Google)
<p>Participants &amp; Focus:&nbsp;TBA soon</p>
Biz Development Panel

Quo Vadis F2P?

Serhat Bekdemir (Bahçeşehir University (BAU))
Dr. Maximilian Schenk (BIU - Bundesverband Interaktive Unterhaltungssoftware e.V)
Harald Riegler (Sproing)
David Reitman (Hybris)
Hendrik Lesser (remote control productions)
Tino Hahn (IGN Germany)
Biz Development Panel

Quo Vadis E-Sports?

Serhat Bekdemir (Bahçeşehir University (BAU))
David Hiltscher (Turtle Entertainment)
Tom Putzki (Tom Putzki Consulting /
Prof. Dr. Jörg Müller-Lietzkow (University of Paderborn)
Petros Titis (Clauf )
<p>Esports&nbsp;is booming… again and more then ever in Europe, but...! The challenges are to make it appealing for the masses in order to become a fully recognized sports or at least an acceptance by national sports foundations. Becoming more popular means especially the spectator side....
Culture Panel

PROSPECTIVE OF INTERNATIONAL GAMING: Mainstream or no Stream. Defining the course of the games market (12:00-14:00)

Jens Bussmann (Google)
Anne Beuttenmueller (Niantic Labs)
Dr. Klemens Kundratitz (Koch Media Gruppe)
Martin Hubert (Ströer Digital Group)
Hemant Madan (Amazon)
Michael Boniface (Reloaded Productions)
Alison Beasley (Lincoln Beasley PR)
<p>This Session starts with a presentation of Jens Bussemann and Anne Beutenmüller who presents the latest developments at the Google Cloud Platform and at Niantic Labs. The presentation is followed by a Keynote from Hemant Madan who presents the just launched Amazon Fire TV. After his...
Biz Development Panel

Project Morpheus: A Developer's Perspective

Patrick Connor (Sony Computer Entertainment Europe.)
Sony Computer Entertainment recently announced "Project Morpheus" - a virtual reality system that takes the PlayStation®4 system to the next level of immersion and demonstrates the future of gaming. Join Patrick Connor from the SCEE R&D Developer Services team for a technical...
Tech Talk

Previz is coming home

Tobias Mannewitz (KARAKTER)
<p>In the late 90ies, videogame graphics inspired the use of previz for blockbuster moviemaking, to improve creative and cost control for ever more challenging VFX shots. In 2014, AAA videogame graphics are more refined than ever, but are struggling with similar issues the movie business had...
Creative Talk

PR-Lessons learned: The Best and Worst of Crowdfunding Campaigns

Heiko Klinge (Webedia Gaming)
<p>The big Kickstarter gold rush is said to be over. Still, Kingdom Come managed to crush its Kickstarter goal of 300,000 £ within 36 hours and getting media coverage all over the globe. There are very good reasons for that. And there are also very good reasons why other ambitious campaigns...
Communications Talk

Post Mortem Royal Revolt / Royal Revolt II

Klaas Kersting (Flaregames)
Pete Walentin (Keen Flare)
<p>Evolving a mobile games brand to success: How RR was developed from a solo game with little monetization to a highly profitable multiplayer game with international success. Klaas Kersting, founder and CEO of flaregames, details the story of developing both titles, illustrating mistakes in...
Producing Talk

Portfolio Strategy of Success – the winning formula of HandyGames

Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames)
Learning Lessons from one of the oldest mobile game developer and publisher HandyGames. How and with which portfolio strategy can you make money in the mobile games world. Christopher will show which topics every mobile game developer should take care off in the moment and in the near future to be...
Biz Development Talk

Platform as Service with Cloud Foundry –Pivotal powerd by EMC

Wolfgang Disselhoff (Pivotal)
Pivotal One is a comprehensive PaaS that can be deployed on multiple cloud environments to deliver a turnkey experience for scaling and updating PaaS with no downtime. Pivotal One Services helps create a PaaS that no other vendor can offer in the industry by integrating differentiated data services...
Biz Development Talk

Planning creativity in game projects

Marek Ziemak (11 bit studios)
Marek Ziemak, Senior producer at 11 bit studios will have a look at the problem of forming a creativity friendly environment. Something that seems absolutely essential in game development, an industry driven by new ideas and innovative technology. The session will feature topics like “What is...
Creative Talk

Overpower Studios' way to develop mobile Hardcore Games

Sebastiao Neto (Overpower Studios)
Sebastiao Liparizi, CTO and Game Producer of Overpower Studios will speak about their current projects to show the company's approach on mobile games development. Being a company from Brazil Overpower Studios had took a rather rare kind of development, focusing o "hardcore games"....
Biz Development Talk

Mobile Games Marketing – Have we reached the tipping point?

Tung Nguyen-Khac (ProSiebenSat.1 Games)
<p>With more than 85% of the smartphone and tablet owners playing mobile games, the question is pervasive of ‘how to address this mass market with the different marketing tools’. But generating new customers is just one side of the medal, player retention and winning back churned players is a...
Communications Talk

Mobile Games in Poland - today and tomorrow

Marek Wyszyński (Infinite Dreams sp. z o.o.)
Bartłomiej Rozbicki (ATGames)
Jaroslaw Wojczakowski (Vivid Games)
Hubert Habas (Bonkers Media)
Games development in Poland is really strong with such brands as the Witcher, Dead Island and Sniper. It is also vey fast growing mobile games market. Titles like Anomaly, Real Boxing, Jelly Defence and many more are proving that emerging country can develop a very strong and meaningful branch of...
Biz Development Panel

Mobile Games & Toys - How to make games for the new hybrid market

Volker Hirsch (Ravensburger Digital GmbH)
<p>Combining physical toys or game elements with a videogame to enhance the user experience is very challenging. But the chances for success in this new market are great. &quot;The Skylanders franchise became the first kids&rsquo; videogame IP to cross the $1 billion mark in just 15...
Producing Talk

Mobile = King: Instant Iteration on iOS (10:00 -13:00)

Moritz Voss (Germany)
<p>Description: A game prototyping workshop using King’s Defold engine and applying modern development techniques including Unit Tests, Behaviour Tests, and rapid iteration on actual mobile devices. Attendees will get an interesting peek into King’s newest way of making mobile games. Finally...
Tech Workshop

Mandatory changes in games marketing to compete in 2014 games publishing

Marian Härtel (Law Office of Marian Härtel)
<p>During the course of online gaming, both mobile and browser based, marketing for games have changed considerably, but mainly adopted to market developments. The session will review the history of games marketing, its importance, lighting the changes in the industry it enabled and and...
Biz Development Talk

Managing the Unspeakable - One Year of Pre-Production for the Indie-MMORPG

Alexander Zacherl (Fairytale Distillery)
Sebastian Dorda (Fairytale Distillery)
Michail Mamaschew (Fairytale Distillery)
<p>Log onto any game-dev forum on the net and check the "new projects" section - you are sure to find hundreds of posts by students and hobbyists trying to recruit about 20 artists and programmers for their revolutionary WoW-Killer-Sandbox-MMORPG. And you will find hundreds of...
Producing Talk

Managing Team Energy vs. Time

Harald Riegler (Sproing)
<p>In the games industry, and very often in general management, there is a focus on managing the time and effective use of a team. In particular, there is a focus about managing time and efficiency of yourself using various approaches of managing tasks, priorities and urgencies. However...
Producing Talk

Making Your iOS Game Run Fast On Windows Phone With Unity (Sponsored by Microsoft (14:00-15:45)

Oleg Pridiuk (Unity Technologies)
<p>Unity is loved for its ultimate multi-platform capabilities. We'll explain the process of launching a title originally made for iOS on Windows Phone and what needs to be done to optimize performance. Please bring along your laptop to use it in the workshop, and don´t forget your power...
Biz Development Workshop

Live long and prosper - Why resilience matters in Game Industry

Johanna Schober (Sproing)
The games industry has to deal with a lot of unpredictability. This can be very taxing for individuals and teams, and it results often in a constant brain drain from the industry towards other industries that offer more security. While much has been published and discussed about project...
Culture Talk

Lessons learned / Iron Sky 1 & 2

Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky)
Creative Talk

Leitmotif Independent Entertainment (15.00 - 16.00 Uhr)

Timo Vuorensola (Iron Sky)
Rami Ismail (Vlambeer)
Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)
Jonty Skrufff (Sisyphos)
Thorsten S. Wiedemann (A MAZE. GmbH)
More and more artists are successful as independent members of the entertainment industry. Their success is based on self-distribution, self-promotion and self-fulfillment. They are successful without any binding contracts with agents, publishers or corporates. The definition of the term “...
Biz Development Panel

Lean Management Needs Strong Leaders

Stephan Beier (Travian Games GmbH)
<p>Currently there is a lot of talk about flat hierachies and authority has turned into a bad word. We believe in everybody having the same rights as a person and don't want bosses to tell people what to do. But most of our companies still work that way and many believe that a democratic...
Culture Talk

Law - The Hidden Dungeon

Tobias Haar, LL.M., MBA (Gameforge Group)
Dr. Claas Oehler (Ihde & Partner)
Jakub Kubalski (Domański Zakrzewski Palinka )
<p>Meet the Experts on publishing Online Games in 2014 - top 10 current legal issues.</p> <p>Tobias Haar, LL.M. (Legal Informatics) / Claas Oehler (Certified Specialist for copyright- and media law; Certified Specialist for corporate law and comercial law)</p> <p...
Legal Panel

Latent Crisis: Managing Intercultural Teams

Christopher Schmitz (Square Enix IO-Interactive)
Benedikt Grindel (Ubisoft Blue Byte)
• Ubisoft Blue Byte was growing from 25 people 6 years ago to now over 300 as of today. Our teams from all over the world are now often comprised of many different nations as talent is moving around the globe quickly to work on the most interesting projects. These multi-cultural teams often suffer...
Producing Talk

Klaas Kersting (Flaregames) in a Fireside-Chat with Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames)

Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames)
Klaas Kersting (Flaregames)
<p>The two veterans Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames) and Klaas Kersting (Flaregames) in a fireside chat talking about the state of the mobile market: - Is the Ecosystem of the AppStore and Google play still healthy? Or is everything a hit driven market? - Can you still join the mobile games...
Biz Development Talk

Indie development in Europe - hot or not?

André Bernhardt (Indie Advisor)
James Brooksby (Born Ready Games)
Johannes Roth (Mimimi Productions)
Jana Reinhardt (Rat King)
Wolf Lang (THREAKS)
We got 4 great panelists from the UK and Germany to to talk about indie development. We will also show some trailers in the beginning to wake you up! Things we we would like to discuss if we got enough time: marketing, business models, financing, metrics, tech, tax incentives, etc..... And if...
Culture Panel

ID@Xbox: What's New in Live for Xbox One (cancelled)

Frank Savage (Microsoft)
<p>This lecture presents best practice guidance for implementing a range of Xbox One Live features including: Achievements, Challenges, Leaderboards, Hero Stats, real-time activity and multi-player. Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the capabilities of Live for Xbox One and the...
Tech Talk

I Hate Your Game - 10 things mobile game developers get wrong and how to fix them.

Bob Heubel (Immersion)
<p>Ever play a game that could be awesome if it were not for one little thing? Or worse, you play a game that causes you to verbally curse it, uninstall it and leave you wondering why millions of people play that game? You are not alone. Come to this session to learn the top ten mistakes...
Game Design Talk

How we got there: student projects that led us into the industry

Bernd Diemer (Yager Development)
Jörg Friedrich (Yager Development)
Johannes Kristmann (Maschinen Mensch)
Jörg Reisig (Yager Development)
Felix Leyendecker (Crytek)
Christopher Rockel (Yager Development)
<p>Bernd Diemer introduces former Games Academy students, NOW playing their part in game development. Questions to discuss are: What got them there, which obstacles were to take, which projects useful to take part in? Attendees of the panel: Jörg Friedrich, Design Director, Yager Development...
Biz Development Panel

How to start your story (16:30-18:15)

Wolfgang Walk (Grumpy Old Men)
Falko Löffler (Freelance Writer)
<p>The panel will discuss how to get from game concept and game mechanics to the background story supporting the game. Falko Löffler will explain the classical approach: how do you handle plot in a certain game genre or in conjunction with certain game mechanics. How do you define a theme and...
Creative Workshop

How to rock 3D mobile gaming for almost a decade, lose it all and reboot on next-gen

Michael Schade (ROCKFISH Games )
<p>As CEO &amp; Co-Founder of FISHLABS Entertainment, makers of the critically acclaimed sci-fi gaming series Galaxy on Fire™ and the extremely successful mobile brand games series Volkswagen Challenge, Michael has been spearheading 3D mobile gaming for almost ten years. Last year,...
Biz Development Talk

How to recruit well prepared employees for games industry

Rob Leuchtenberger (SAE Hochschule)
In the fast growing games market companies have to be creative finding ways to be successfully. But to find well prepared employees is still hard, even if the number of interested parties is high and one particular reason is the conversation between the games industry and the institutes for game...
Biz Development Talk

How to fund your Game - The new Creative Europe Programme and Medienboard Berlin

Uta Eberhardt (Creative Europe Desk Berlin-Brandenburg)
Ina Göring (Medienboard Berlin-Brandenburg GmbH)
André Blechschmidt (Filmtank GmbH)
There are various funding opportunities available for the development of computer games on regional, national and even European level. Interested game developers, producers and publishers are invited to pick up information on support schemes offered by the European Union as well as the fund of...
Biz Development Panel

How game development is like Breaking Bad: Cook, Deal, become the Kingpin

Matias Myllyrinne (Remedy Entertainment)
<p>Remedy Entertainment, developers of Max Payne, Death Rally, Alan Wake and their upcoming Xbox One title Quantum Break, have always taken inspiration from popular culture. Remedy's Quantum Break will fuse gaming and television in a revolutionary new way. Matias Myllyrinne, CEO at...
Producing Talk

Health Games: Trend, Buzz or Serious Opportunity ?

Arwed-Ralf Grenzbach (Conflutainment GmbH)
<p>Health Games: Trend, Buzz or Serious Opportunity ? Five reasons to get into Health Games ! From pervasive exergaming to designing games for chronic disease management; Games to fight cancer and to enjoy therapy. This talk is defined to focus on the changing nature of health and the...
Biz Development Talk

Google Cloud Gaming Code Lab (14:30-18:15)

Jens Kühlers (Google)
Dirk Primbs (Google)
<p><strong>Google Cloud Platform, End To End</strong><br /> This session brings us through different Cloud Platform products to build an application from scratch to 1000 requests per second. No slides, just live coding demonstrations<br /> &nbsp;<br />...
Tech Workshop

Going Deeper: Developing Games for Amazon Appstore and Fire TV

Peter Heinrich (Amazon)
Hemant Madan (Amazon)
Christopher Kassulke (HandyGames)
This session is a follow-up to the keynote presentation of Hemant Madan, introducing the new Amazon fire TV and the developer session from Tuesday afternoon with Peter Heinrich as evangelist for the Amazon Appstore. More details and insights will be given to developers how to bring Games to the...
Biz Development Talk

Gaming All Stars Panel - Quo Vadis games industry?

Don Daglow (Daglow Entertainment)
Bob Bates (Independent Consultant)
Teut Weidemann (Online Entertainment)
Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)
Ralf C. Adam (TigerTeam Productions)
Robert Wallace (Strategic Alternatives )
Biz Development Panel

Gamifying Games - The Curse and Promise of F2P

Volker Hirsch (Blue Beck)
Biz Development Talk

Games As A Service: How Free to Play Design Can Make Better Games

Oscar Clark (Applifier)
The rise of free to play monetization models has led to a global games industry gold rush. Going free was once laughed at by the money men; but now they have seen its effect they have helped accelerate game development to exploit the model. But that's backfired. Despite unparalleled success...
Biz Development Talk

Games and new booming Latin America market

Michelle Pereira Jakobs (TrafficCaptain )
With over 280 million Internet users, more than the whole United States alone, LATAM is becoming the new big player for the gaming business. The region is expected to reach 450 million users in the upcoming years. Understanding its local culture and differences is the key factor to make business in...
Biz Development Talk

Game Models - A Different Approach

Nick Prühs (slash games)
The design and rules of games constantly change during development, invalidating your carefully engineered software from day to day. Entity systems are a great approach for getting rid of the many drawbacks of inheritance-based game models like the “diamond of death”, moving on to a much more...
Tech Talk

From the North to Worldwide. Developing and Publishing trends in Scandinavia

Henrik Jonsson (Ghost Games (An EA Studio))
Niklas Bakos (Kedoo Entertainment)
Biz Development Talk

FIFA From the inside: through a console generation

Sebastian Enrique (Electronic Arts)
<p>Football is the most popular sport in the world, and EA SPORTS FIFA is the most popular sports video game. It allows fans to get immersed and to continue enjoying their passion for football like no other game. But, 8 years ago, right when transitioning from Xbox to Xbox 360 and PS2 to PS3...
Producing Talk

Europe the distribution opportunity

Remco Westermann (Gamigo AG)
<p>Europe is a multicultural melting pot with over 800 million inhabitants, 57 countries and 39 languages. Online game developers are always wondering about the relatively small revenues coming from Europe in relation to its relative market size versus the North America and Asia. Remco will...
Biz Development Talk

Dissecting Puzzle & Dragons Monetization

Teut Weidemann (Online Entertainment)
<p>After the very successful "Dissecting World of Tanks" talk of Teut Weidemann he will now dissect Puzzle &amp; Dragons (PaD), which is the best monetizing mobile game on earth making well over $4m per day. In this session we will dissect the game and see how and why they...
Biz Development Talk

Development Trends of the Successful

Zac Bowling (Apportable)
<p>Apportable has had the privilege of working tightly with many of the leading game developers in mobile. We will cover how the top mobile games go from design and prototyping all the way through launching and become successful in the compative mobile gaming landscape.</p>
Producing Talk

Developing a Cross-Platform Game with Java and HTML5

Josep Prat (GameDuell GmbH)
<p>Do you want to create a cross-platform game and you don't want to die developing for different native platforms? In this session you will learn how to build a successful game that runs on any device taking advantage of the cross-platform capabilities of HTML 5. GameDuell’s HTML5 Game...
Tech Talk

Designing games with friendship, love and understanding in mind

Yasuhiro Wada (Toybox)
Legendary developer Yasuhiro Wada talks about why he designs different games than most, about the values and philosophy behind it. He will use examples from the famous Harvest Moon series he fathered 15 years ago and also about his newest soon to be released game Hometown Story his own studio...
Biz Development Talk

Demoscenes´ Digest

Tobias Heim (Digitale Kultur e.V.)
The demoscene is a computer art subculture that specializes in producing demos, which are audio-visual presentations that run in real-time on a computer. The main goal of a demo is to show off programming, artistic, and musical skills. Since the beginnings in the early 80s the demoscene has...
Creative Talk

Data-driven decision making: avoiding pitfalls and building value

Dr. Stefan Behrens (Aeria Games Europe GmbH )
<p>In this session, CEO Dr. Pascal Zuta will take a look at how using metrics in making operational and corporate decisions built significant value for Aeria Games. However, careful interpretation of the data is needed for success and this presentation will show what Aeria Games has learned...
Biz Development Talk

Crowdfunding as source for financing of game development in Europe

Prof. Dr. Malte Behrmann (bbw Hochschule)
Pontus Frohde (FundedByMe AB)
Tamo Zwinge (Companisto)
<p>Speech and discussion: Crowdfunding as source for financing of game development in Europe Abstract: Crowd funding has increasingly become an option to kick start game development projects and companies. We know today basically two kinds of crowd funding. Equity based crowd funding which is...
Biz Development Panel

Crowdfunding + X, or how to add more sources to your financing campaign.

Candice Pascoal (Kickante)
Harald Schottenloher (FundedByMe AB)
Dr. Ingo Schneider (LACORE Rechtsanwälte LLP)
Alexander Kölpin (WestTech Ventures)
Alexey Evlanov (TBA)
Jason Della Rocca (Execution Labs)
<p>A deep interest discussion round on crowd funding and other means of company financing. It follows the previous topics : “Crowdfunding as source for financing of game development in Europe” and “The state of crowdfunding for games”; hence creating a mini crowdfunding summit within Quo...
Biz Development Talk

Creators of The Witcher, CD Projekt RED - “Why it makes sense to be independent”

Michal Nowakowski (CD PROJEKT S.A.)
Marcin Iwinski (CD Projekt Group )
<p>Marcin Iwinski - the co-founder and Joint CEO of CD Projekt Group and Michal Nowakowski - VP of Business at CD Projekt RED will discuss the key decisions and difficult choices that have shaped CD Projekt RED from the very beginning up through the present.<br /> What went right, what...
Biz Development Talk

Creating a game exposé (14:00-15:45)

Daniel Dumont (Gaming Minds Studios GmbH)
<p>Creating a detailed idea or vision document for a new game is never easy. However, I want to present a relatively short, easy and secure way to do it. Define an idea, learn about your idea, clear up as much problems as possible and save time during the vision phase. Allow other people to...
Game Design Workshop

Can and will gaze integration improve gaming performance and experience?

Daniel Trifonov (myGaze)
Martin Dechant (SensoMotoric Instruments GmbH )
Can and will gaze integration improve gaming performance and experience? Introduction to the Topic: - Sensors in digital games (e.g. Kinect) - What is eye tracking? How does it work? - How can I use it for my project? Examples for useCases for gazeData: - Usability - Communication...
Tech Talk

Building A Games Industry In Nigeria and Africa

Abiola Adeagbo (9JA GAME JAM)
<p>Impact of games education in the development of learning games for the k-12 games market. Impact of game education and building games developers across Africa. Afri-gamezone believe Africa can be a highly lucrative markets for localized games from international games developers. Why nobody...
Biz Development Talk

Bucking the Trend

Chris Taylor (Wargaming)
<p>In the games industry today, there’s a strong gravitational pull to create games that copy the best-selling games on the market.&nbsp; The force is not only strong, it can be overwhelming, especially when trying to sell ideas to publishers and investors who are looking to make a return...
Creative Talk

Better Decisions in Mobile User Aquisition

Joel Berger (Google)
Tobias Knoke (Google)
<p>In mobile gaming there is a simple truth that the lifetime value of a user should always exceed the user aquisition cost. However this rule is not always simple to execute in real life. This session will explore how to track the performance and optimize for increased ROI. By using...
Biz Development Talk

Approaching China from the West: Stories of Success and Failure (cancelled)

Charlie Moseley (Tap4Fun)
<p>Unfortunately this talk was cancelled</p>
Culture Talk

An overview: Development tools that make your life easier

Kai Rosenkranz (Nevigo)
The session will give the audience an overview of software tools used in game design, writing and production, from established solutions to insiders' tips. Some of the tools that will be covered: Hansoft, Jira, Confluence, Tactic, Shotgun, Redmine, Chatmapper, articy:draft, yEd,...
Tech Talk

Advertising in Bric Markets

Tim Nilsson (glispa)
As the free 2 play gaming market matures and becomes global many developers are eyeing up the huge potential user base in the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China). However, to date, very few European developers have managed to make significant inroads into these massive but complex...
Biz Development Talk

Adventures in Reloading a classic

Jonathan Lindsay (Bigpoint)
Although vital to any growth hungry games company, new game develop is fraught with risk, with many new games struggling to meet initial expectations. We all know this, as the industry is very much ‘hit driven’. But another avenue for growth for a company like Bigpoint is their back catalogue of...
Biz Development Talk

Adaptive Music

Alon Kaplan (
<p>Adaptive music - Session will talk about the whole concept of Adaptive Music in video games. We'll talk about the benefits of adaptive music, the uses, techniques and how to implement them. Among the techniques discussed below - Multi layering, Cue systems, Stingers, Generative Music...
Creative Talk

A turn based strategy game on the mobile market in unity: a post mortem?

Bernhard Ewers (instance four)
<p>The Ah&#39;s and Oh&#39;s about a nearly finished one-year unity project for the mobile market. Learn how to setup a robust and flexible framework to stand the test of metrics input. Which will come and change everything you thought it was fix. See how to build and design a turn-...
Game Design Talk

A New Kind of Next Gen: Free-to-Play, Console and The Future of Games

Don Daglow (Daglow Entertainment)
We are at war with ourselves. Indie free-to-play developers proclaim in interviews that they’re the front line of innovation in games and that they’re making money without big publishers, but scroll down the page and you see comments like “Your money will do you no good in Hell!” The PS4 and Xbox...
Culture Talk

A Documentary Future For Games

Shalev Moran (independent)
<p>Many games deal with real issues and tell stories based on reality. But no matter how close we get to current events in some of the games being made today, we still hesitate to define them as documentaries, in the same way we define documentary cinema and television. And rightly so -...
Culture Talk

5 years as an indie developer: Learnings, anecdotes & numbers

Thomas Bedenk (Exozet Berlin GmbH)
<p>Thomas Bedenk, Managing Director and Co-Founder of Brightside Games, will look back at the first 5 years as an indie developer. He will share interesting stories and funny anecdotes about developing games, closing deals and trying to stay true to your ideals. In his presentation he will...
Biz Development Talk

5 Tips for Monetizing Your App in a World Moving Toward Free Downloads

Peter Heinrich (Amazon)
<p>A lot of developers talk about the need to monetize their app but what does that really mean? This talk covers 5 things you can do to turn a poor performing app into a money making machine. While there is no magic wand that can automate this, you'll walk away with the knowledge of...
Biz Development Talk

5 Reasons Why Music Games Suck

Wolf Lang (THREAKS)
Trying to bring innovation to the genre of music games costs you a lot of time, even more nerves and mostly feels like tilting at windmills. So what's the matter with this highly polarising videogame genre? In this talk I want to share our learnings from the 4 years of developing the music...
Creative Talk

20 Questions You Should Ask Yourself and Your Team If You Want To Be A Successful Game Developer

Vlad Micu (Data Realms)
<p>This presentation will outline a collection of stories, examples and tricks neatly curated into a list of questions that will allow the audience to ask themselves some questions regarding the most recurring challenges game developers are confronted with today in the areas of Business, PR...
Communications Talk

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